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Synonyms for breadfruit

native to Pacific islands and having edible fruit with a texture like bread

a large round seedless or seeded fruit with a texture like bread

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Teeluck underlined that the activities aim at sharing the results of a series of research conducted on breadfruit with the various stakeholders and the public in general.
These activities which span over three days comprise of demonstration on techniques and methods of breadfruit propagation, processing techniques and preparation of breadfruit based recipes, value addition demonstration and exhibition and lectures on breadfruit production amongst others.
Breadfruit is an energy food with high starch content.
During the processing of breadfruits into flour, the sliced breadfruits were subjected to blanching.
Key words: breadfruit, proximate analysis, composite bread
Breadfruit is a fruit tree that is propagated with the root cuttings and the average age of bearing first crop is between 4 to 6 years [4].
According to the authors, good quality and acceptable baked products could be derived from composite flours with up to certain levels of breadfruit flour substitution in wheat flour.
Six blends were prepared by mixing breadfruit flour with wheat flour in the percentage proportions of 0:100, 5:95, 10:90, 15:85, 20:80 and 25:75 respectively, using machine food processor (Kenwood KM 201, England).
The crude protein decreased with increase in the proportion of the breadfruit flour in the BWCB samples.
This showed a corresponding increase as the amount of breadfruit flour increases, with the highest value of 3.
The fat content (%) of the breads assumed a similar trend with crude protein, though the decrease with increase in the breadfruit flour proportion was very minimal.
70%) was obtained for the 25% BWCB, showing that there was increase in this parameter with increase in the percentage breadfruit flour levels.
The moisture content increased with increase in the proportion of breadfruit flour in the bread samples.
Richard Leonard Americans (many voices, one song) Gunning, Monica (1998) Under the breadfruit tree Illus.
To check if the breadfruit is ready, gently squeeze the outside as you would baking potatoes or unwrap the foil and cut a slice from the breadfruit.