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Synonyms for breadfruit

native to Pacific islands and having edible fruit with a texture like bread

a large round seedless or seeded fruit with a texture like bread

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In the spirit of Marder and Vieira's association of specific plants with particular philosophical modes I would propose a productive reading might be made of the significance of a number of plants in My Garden (Book): (1999), in very different locations: the Wisteria in her Vermont garden, the Breadfruit Tree, and the Rubber Tree in the glass house in the Botanical Garden in Antigua.
"The breadfruit tree my father planted" would need to become a breadfruit tree, an example of artocarpus altilis, comparable to any other, at least in the grant application of the conservationist.
But now the milk-sap glands had coagulated, and if I embraced it, wouldn't it just be like hugging a "freshly dead corpse?" [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (8) Like the traditional village society with its exchange economy, the breadfruit trees were no longer there to provide sustenance and support for the culturally traumatized residents of the village.
Breadfruit trees grow in profusion in the valleys and ravines (ghauts) of northern Montserrat, and bear plentifully when in season.
In her book, Under the Breadfruit Tree (1998), Monica Gunning's selection titled "Aunt Mae's Breadfruit Trees" reveals that in her Jamaican community "no one goes hungry because of the abundance of Aunt Mae's breadfruits (the poor man's bread) and Aunt Mae's wide open hands" (p.
A procession of trucks weaves along the shoreline at 15 mph, cutting around jagged mountains and dense forests of banana and breadfruit trees. Even though it's just after sunrise on a July day, the dead of winter here, the temperature already has eclipsed 90 degrees.
There would be no ice at the poles and tropical breadfruit trees would grow on the coast of Greenland.
Walk in the deep shade of the world's largest collection of breadfruit trees (above) to Pi'ilanihale Heiau, an ancient stone temple five stories high.
It means we can't see much on the one-hour journey to the luxury Windjammer Landings Resort, where white-washed villas stretch up lush hillsides, dotted with banana palms and breadfruit trees.
When food was required for West Indian slaves, breadfruit trees were brought directly from Polynesia; when the mariners on board the ship mutinied, they were deposited on Pitcairn Island.
In peak season breadfruit trees bear in astonishing abundance, providing surpluses that can be fermented in pits (a process known as ensilage) and preserved for later use.
Lucia, where I had been dazzled by the tropical abundance--millions upon millions of mangoes hanging from the heavens, magnificent breadfruit trees, banana plants stretching to infinity, almond trees growing wild on the beach.
After the old workers gather around a bowl of punch made with "our rum," he says, "then we climb Morne-Calvaire to look down on the expanse of our Gros-Morne: to see it spread toward Fonds-Saint-Denis, Marigot, Sainte-Marie; see it extend in an abundance of breadfruit trees and litchis toward La Trinite and Le Robert; see it fall toward Lamentin and Saint-Joseph in purple swathes of sugarcane, mango trees, and well-raked lawns.