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Synonyms for breadfruit

native to Pacific islands and having edible fruit with a texture like bread

a large round seedless or seeded fruit with a texture like bread

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Since its founding in 2008, TTFF has achieved meaningful humanitarian success with ongoing initiatives to plant breadfruit trees in Haiti and Jamaica.
To undertake climate change awareness and mainstreaming climate change adaptation actions into community conservation programme of activities through the facilitation of food security for climate change and disaster risk management by identifying famine foods and how to identify areas to plant these famine foods as a sanctuary ; as well the replanting of nut and trees for long term food security and for income generation, this will include replanting coconut trees and developing virgin coconut oil and also re-planting chestnut trees, mango trees, breadfruit trees and introducing breadfruit trees that are not seasonal and can bear fruit every month to sustain food security in isolated island communities where there is inaccessibility to imported foodstuff such as rice and flour.
Male inflorescences from a diverse selection of breadfruit trees were sun dried at the National Tropical Botanical Garden's Breadfruit Institute in Kalaheo, Hawaii, and provided to scientists for testing.
The students, with the support of the local community and the state ministry of environment, planted a variety of tree seedlings, including palms and breadfruit trees.
On an Island Safari Land Rover our group of six drove at a leisurely pace past rippling sugar cane fields, smelly breadfruit trees, 100ft cabbage palms, mahogany trees and rum shops with names like Dr-T's Bar and Grill.
Breadfruit trees grow in profusion in the valleys and ravines (ghauts) of northern Montserrat, and bear plentifully when in season.
In her book, Under the Breadfruit Tree (1998), Monica Gunning's selection titled "Aunt Mae's Breadfruit Trees" reveals that in her Jamaican community "no one goes hungry because of the abundance of Aunt Mae's breadfruits (the poor man's bread) and Aunt Mae's wide open hands" (p.
Chil', run down to Aunt Mae's yard Where breadfruit trees drooping with fruit.
Richard Leonard Americans (many voices, one song) Gunning, Monica (1998) Under the breadfruit tree Illus.