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native to Pacific islands and having edible fruit with a texture like bread

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Since its founding in 2008, TTFF has achieved meaningful humanitarian success with ongoing initiatives to plant breadfruit trees in Haiti and Jamaica.
During her initial visit to the class, she told the young students about her early years in rural Jamaica, and then she read and discussed many selections from Jamaica's Monica Gunning's, Under the Breadfruit Tree.
As she struggles to establish an organic "countercity" in harmony with the rhythms of nature, Marie-Sophie recalls the advice of her old father: "First, plant the providence of the breadfruit tree.
The tree which furnishes the principal base of the existence of these islanders is the breadfruit tree [Artocarpus altilis].
Here the poet speaks of such yearnings as those of the decapitated breadfruit tree that "refused to die completely / but stood leaning forward to the East / as if hoping to receive something regenerative.
Cliff gives us in Free Enterprise the unofficial story, drawing attention to the roles of women in national events and rendering the texture of everyday life: that women made diaphragms from eelskin and abortive douches from alum, pearlash, white oak bark, and red rose leaves; that the first leper colony was established in New Orleans, and how; that the breadfruit tree was imported from Tahiti to Jamaica to supply a cheap slave diet.
Here, within the sound of the surf and under a spreading breadfruit tree, he can sip a soursop daiquiri and dine on coconut-stuffed lamb chops.
The first resort to combine over-the-top luxury with hand-crafted design materials like: carved kahia & coconut wood, roof thatching woven on the island, tapa cloths pounded from the breadfruit tree and chandeliers made from Tahitian black pearl shells.
It had days they wanted to just sit down under a breadfruit tree and cool off, to reach up and pick a ripe mango off the tree and eat it.
Minister Faugoo made an appeal to all citizens to at least have a breadfruit tree in their yard or fields.
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Captain Bligh of HMS Bounty brought the first breadfruit tree -- a small part of the West Indian menu at The Bounty restaurant, or Ocean Allegro, a favored hangout of Hollywood's pirates.
They include a descendant of the original breadfruit tree brought from Tahiti by Captain William Bligh in 1793, to provide cheap food for the slaves who worked the Caribbean's sugar plantations.
We have this wild breadfruit tree which is fast-growing, so we don't feel it's damaging the environment.
The native star apple tree coexists with the golden mango from India and the breadfruit tree from the Pacific.