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Synonyms for breadfruit

native to Pacific islands and having edible fruit with a texture like bread

a large round seedless or seeded fruit with a texture like bread

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In the same context, a series of activities to promote the production and consumption of breadfruit in Mauritius was launched this morning by the Agricultural Research and Extension Unit (AREU) at the Wooton Crop Research Station.
The club is made up of the Great House and a series of villas which tumble down through breadfruit and flame trees to the golf course and the sea.
In Eric's version there is a love-interest sub-plot whose denouement explains the affinity of the rainbow and the breadfruit tree, apparently.
Jackson, a pianist who fuses jazz and classical, Village Voice's, "most innovative musician of his generation," Andre Milne who mixes rock, soul and hip-hop into the most creative improvisatory music of any genre in recent years, and Austin Clarke, one of Canada's leading writers who will read form his renowned book Pigtails 'n' Breadfruit.
Thrice-Booker shortlisted author Timothy Mo self published his novel Brownout On Breadfruit Boulevard back in 1995
We took a leisurely drive through the lush greenery on the 900 acre Prospect Plantation, where growing examples of pineapple, bananas, sugar cane, cocoa, coffee, limes, coconuts, breadfruit and spices were all helpfully signposted.
For most of the year, he and his neighbours fend off starvation by growing breadfruit, sweet potatoes and bananas.
At the side of the road grew mangoes, ginger, avocado, breadfruit, passion fruit, lychees, hibiscus, bourgainvillea,and African tulip trees.
On April 4, 1789, the ship embarked on a voyage to transport breadfruit from Tahiti to Jamaica.
It has Fiji symbols in place of numerals, including a canoe, a hair comb and a breadfruit leaf, which islanders used to use for plates.
Lunch is a slice of fresh pink guava, followed by an organic breadfruit curry, poppadoms, nutritious red rice, avocados as big as melons and a lavish helping of buffalo curd drenched in treacle.
Cliff gives us in Free Enterprise the unofficial story, drawing attention to the roles of women in national events and rendering the texture of everyday life: that women made diaphragms from eelskin and abortive douches from alum, pearlash, white oak bark, and red rose leaves; that the first leper colony was established in New Orleans, and how; that the breadfruit tree was imported from Tahiti to Jamaica to supply a cheap slave diet.
Its endless peaks and valleys are covered in the thick green foliage of coconut palms, bananas, breadfruit, and arrowroot; farmers grow squashes called christophenes, tubers called dasheen and eddoes, plus nutmeg, peanuts, heliconia, bougainvillea, and hibiscus.
To undertake climate change awareness and mainstreaming climate change adaptation actions into community conservation programme of activities through the facilitation of food security for climate change and disaster risk management by identifying famine foods and how to identify areas to plant these famine foods as a sanctuary ; as well the replanting of nut and trees for long term food security and for income generation, this will include replanting coconut trees and developing virgin coconut oil and also re-planting chestnut trees, mango trees, breadfruit trees and introducing breadfruit trees that are not seasonal and can bear fruit every month to sustain food security in isolated island communities where there is inaccessibility to imported foodstuff such as rice and flour.