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a container used to keep bread or cake in


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Now the company is promoting kitchen products as well, including three separate gadget lines, mixing bowls, food warmers, food storage canisters, corkscrews and breadboxes.
At the end of 2 d, seedlings were transferred to 4.5-L breadboxes and hydroponically cultured in aerated Shive's (Shive and Robbins, 1938) nutrient solution [5 M Ca(N03)2, 2 mM [MgSO.sub.4], 2 mM [K.sub.2][SO.sub.4], 1 mM [KH.sub.2][PO.sub.4], 1 mg Fe [L.sup.-1], 1 mg Mn [L.sup.-1], 0.13 mg Cl [L.sup.-1], 0.1 mg Zn [L.sup.-1], 0.1 mg B [L.sup.-1], 0.01 mg Cu [L.sup.-1], 0.0 1 mg [MoL.sup.-1], and 0.01 mg Na [L.sup.-1], 1] (pH 4.7) at 30 [degrees] C under continuous light (500 [micro]moles [m.sup.-2] [s.sup.-1]).
Also on hand are such hard-to-find favorites as beautiful canister sets with sealed lids, pretty recipe boxes and cards in all sizes, high-quality, long-lasting teapots in everything from stainless to flowered enamel in both traditional and contemporary designs and stovetop or electric models, breadboxes and beautiful domestics, towels and aprons.