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a container used to keep bread or cake in


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Now the company is promoting kitchen products as well, including three separate gadget lines, mixing bowls, food warmers, food storage canisters, corkscrews and breadboxes.
5-L breadboxes and hydroponically cultured in aerated Shive's (Shive and Robbins, 1938) nutrient solution [5 M Ca(N03)2, 2 mM [MgSO.
Also on hand are such hard-to-find favorites as beautiful canister sets with sealed lids, pretty recipe boxes and cards in all sizes, high-quality, long-lasting teapots in everything from stainless to flowered enamel in both traditional and contemporary designs and stovetop or electric models, breadboxes and beautiful domestics, towels and aprons.
With the tambour router bit set, woodworkers can easily create attractive, wood tambours for roll-top desks, breadboxes, kitchen storage areas and a number of other projects.