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a container used to keep bread or cake in


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Questions such as "Is it bigger than a breadbox?" or "Does it involve technology for communications, entertainment, or work?" allow the questioner to cover a broad range of areas using a single question.
Prowling around the swampy woods and down along the river bank a little ways out of town, visiting Uncle Hugh and maybe getting to listen to a ghost story, going to school, reading and re reading comic books, Saturdays at the movies with other kids from school, listening to The Shadow and other stories on the radio and sitting on the breadbox outside grocery store and jawing with friends are all a measure of the chronicle.
And then there are lonely rocks, sitting in the middle the grassbed, some no larger than a breadbox, that are also capable of providing an ambush point from which a predator can strike your bait.
Millie's Cookies Cafe Ritazza Camden Food Co Upper Crust The Pasty Shop Mi Casa Burritos Delice de France Whistlestop The Beer House Pumpkin Breadbox Pumpkin Cafe Shop Bonaparte's Sloe Bar cafe Outside of the station and on the high street, the situation is similar, so have a look below at the big chains and which brands they control.
While the J-3's so-called baggage space is literally breadbox sized, the Champ's is large enough to actually carry things like small bags or tools.
Of his own death, Father McKenna said, "When God lets me into heaven, I think I'll ask to go off in a comer somewhere for half an hour and sit down and cry because the strain is off, the work is done, and I haven't been unfaithful or disloyal, all these needs that I have known are in the hands of Providence and I don't have to worry any longer who's at the door, whose breadbox is empty, whose baby is sick, whose house is shaken and discouraged, and whose children can't read." (54) One can viscerally feel the weight of McKenna's socially responsive, redeeming conscience.
(2002) Is Your Software Bigger than a Breadbox The Hows and Whys of Software Estimation Tools.
Her children broke most of the differently shaped glass vases, and tough, lumpy croissants hardened in the breadbox. When she would announce her latest effort at the dining room table, declaring yet another future path, one of the children would inevitably roll his or her eyes.
Even if the gift is rotting away like weekday morning manna in the breadbox where we keep it.
So Jennifer's insistence that they discuss the matter is the first hint that something unspoken, but bigger than a breadbox, is looming over their heads.
When Chucho Reyes replaced the stove with a painted breadbox, the matter was quietly dropped.
The scanners are compact, roughly the size of a breadbox. The computers running the scanners and storing the scanned data have also improved, now capable of quickly crunching and storing massive amounts of data, inexpensively priced, readily available, and, in the case of laptops, as portable as the scanners.
Small poplars shrouded the deer's basketball-sized breadbox, preventing Keith from taking the shot.
But I was protected and had barriers of metal that descended wherever I found myself and formed a breadbox, a chamber, around me.