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Synonyms for breadboard

a wooden or plastic board on which dough is kneaded or bread is sliced


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Fay counters, "What's made you so brazen all at once?" and Laurel replies, "Finding the breadboard" (176).
The engineers calculate that the software helped them reduce the development cycle by 20 percent, allowing them to get the QStar to market in 14 months after initial breadboard design, according to MDS.
The prototype display fits on a 1-foot-square breadboard. "You can literally hold it in your hand," Macfarlane says.
His later verse collections, including The Fallen House (1953), the satirical Iron Breadboard (1957), In Fires of No Return (1958), and Pig Island Letters (1966), use Christian and classical mythology to examine the place of religion in society.
A breadboard would not only be very costly, but it would give no information about the performance to be expected.
* 1 - small solderless breadboard ( Cat#PB-400.
In addition to the Pi Plates, a new tiny Adafruit breadboard is also available from Newark element14, which makes it easy to create prototypes using the Pi.
The unique design features have made the SA2 the most popular basic breadboard in the industry.
The threaded mount (metric M6 or English [1/4.sup.-20]) easily installs to any optical table or breadboard, and the ball-and-socket arm permits positioning in any orientation-portrait or landscape.
The SMP3620, SMP3625, and SMP7000 Modules include analog output and custom breadboard design capabilities.
(3) Lightly flour a breadboard and roll out the pastry.
The expandable breadboard allows the system to grow as students' knowledge increases.
* 1-solderless breadboard (available from the website) * 1-6 Volt lantern battery (available at hardware and big box stores)