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"Zambia is one of the biggest breadbaskets in the region and what's happening there gives serious cause for concern not only for Zambia itself but all countries in the region."
Al-Halaqi hailed Damascus countryside province as a template for national reconciliation, considering it to be "the breadbasket of Damascus province and the southern region."
"The countryside is the breadbasket, it is the beating heart of Britain.
TODAY'S QUOTES "The countryside is the breadbasket, it is the beating heart of Britain.
NNA - Syrians battered by years of war are facing a major drought that could cut wheat production in the country's northwest breadbasket to a record low of 1.7 million to 2 million metric tonnes, the World Food Programme (WFP) said on Tuesday, Reuters reported.
Khartoum, 3 March (SUNA) - Three professors from the University of Sudan for Science and Technology won an important patent in the progress of Sudan agricultural progress and in realization of it slogan as the breadbasket of the world through the use of the leaves, branches and stems of solenostemma argel plant as a catalyst for the growth of plants, raising agricultural productivity and organic pesticide for pests and some harmful plant diseases.
In a statement released by the US Embassy in Manila, Caraga region and its five provinces are future breadbasket for the Philippines, specifically because of their ability to supply urban centers like Manila or Cebu.
GRIFF visits Anglesey - nicknamed the breadbasket of Wales - where he drives a vintage Land Rover, visits a salt manufacturer and helps out on a working mill.
Proceeds will go to Open Door and the Flint Hills Breadbasket to help families in need during the holidays.
Here's your goal: Come next Christmas, you can grin next to a silhouette showing a group that'll win no gongs, but they're all in the breadbasket, and say to yourself, "Not so great?
The goal is to make the region the "breadbasket of Tunisia" by making the most of this active agricultural region, producing fruit, vegetables and cereals and through upstream and downstream integration of the products' transformation process.
Zimbabwe was once southern Africa's breadbasket. But today Zimbabwe is importing food to avert hunger as its farmers cannot produce enough.
He said: "Since Scotland and Wales are on the whole higher up than England, it is surely time to do the obvious - use the principle of gravity to bring surplus rain from the mountains to irrigate and refresh the breadbasket of the country in the south and east."
All the 117 assembly constituencies of Punjab, the breadbasket of India, went to polls on Monday.