bread mold

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a mold of the genus Rhizopus

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Note that bread mold usually starts out white, but will eventually turn black when spores develop.
When he returned, he found the curds had developed blue streaks (from the bread mold) and upon tasting it, he found it to be quite delicious.
Penicillin would not be part of our lives today without an unheralded, basic scientist first unscrambling the mysteries of bread mold, setting the stage for a revelation that diminished the power of infectious disease.
Your bread mold experiment is growing into a nice green blob in a petri dish.
Rather than telling the students they were wrong, the teacher arranged for them to view bread mold under a microscope.
Physical appearance can be misleading: bread mold can become antibiotics.
While researchers had previously identified circadian rhythm genes in fruit flies and the bread mold Neurospora crassa, comparable mammalian genes had proved elusive.
"People with congestive heart failure, or `dropsy' as it was called, chewed on foxglove leaves because it got rid of excess fluid." Other, more recent, examples of natural products used to combat illness include penicillin, derived from bread mold, to treat infection, and pain killers such as morphine and opium, which come from the poppy flower.
Fleming isolated the mold and eventually identified it as one called Penicillium notatum, closely related to ordinary bread mold. He decided that it liberated some compound that, at the very least, inhibited growth, and he called the substance penicillin.
* In 1929, the scientist Alexander Fleming discovered that a type of bread mold could kill disease-causing germs.