bread mold

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a mold of the genus Rhizopus

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Note that bread mold usually starts out white, but will eventually turn black when spores develop.
Your bread mold experiment is growing into a nice green blob in a petri dish.
Nasdaq: PDGM) published details of the first discovery of the synteny (genetic similarity) between two filamentous fungi -- Magnaporthe grisae, a tropical rice pathogen, and Neurospora crassa, the classic bread mold.
Physical appearance can be misleading: bread mold can become antibiotics.
While researchers had previously identified circadian rhythm genes in fruit flies and the bread mold Neurospora crassa, comparable mammalian genes had proved elusive.
Other, more recent, examples of natural products used to combat illness include penicillin, derived from bread mold, to treat infection, and pain killers such as morphine and opium, which come from the poppy flower.
cofee services including break (morning) - 1 cup of coffee, tea or milk - 1 sandwich on white bread mold - 1 well of fruit salad