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a queue of people waiting for free food


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(7.) Ari Armstrong, "Would Perlmutter Also Lambast Soviet Bread Line Critics?," Free Colorado, October 18, 2012,
The media called him "the first victim" of bread lines in the holy month of Ramadan, when consumption of bread and baked sweets are at an all time high.
When the plaster version of Depression Bread Line was finished in 1991, George painted its figures in tones of green acrylic pigment, the faces lighter than the rest of their bodies, the coats and shoes almost black.
But to travelers, some queues seemed longer than your average Siberian bread line after the Transportation Security Administration added new requirements -- including removing all liquids from carry-on luggage -- to the long list of security protocols airline passengers already had to endure.
Stand-outs include the wonderful, "Her Song", the kicking', Stick Game Blues" and my personal favorite, "Fry Bread Line"!
Minneapolis-based French Meadow Bakery has introduced Organic Men's Bread to its functional bread line that includes Organic Women's Bread, Healthseed Spelt Bread, and Healthy Hemp Sprouted Bread.
PRODUCTION supervisor Sarah Robinson is no longer on the bread line - after working her way from production worker to her present post in just two years.
Segal's statues of the farm couple, a line of unemployed urbanites standing in a bread line, and a lone male figure sitting by his Philco radio "entranced by the voice" of FDR might be said to suffer from an "imitative fallacy." According to Halprin, Segal meant his bronze figures to embody the "inherent individual dignity" of ordinary men and women.
A bread line had formed as people, both Albanian and Serb, realized the air strikes, threatened for so long, were about to become reality.
Individuals and families who have steady savings habits have peace of mind when they look at their balances, knowing the Caribbean cruise and not the bread line awaits them at retirement.
Paine's long list of titles includes The Bread Line (1900); The Van Dwellers (1901); The Great White Way (1901), which gave its name to Broadway; The Commuters (1904); Joan of Arc--Maid of France (1925), for which he received the Legion of Honor in 1928; and Life and Lillian Gish (1932).
Now located in the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle, the company has expanded to include a gluten free bread line made in a dedicated bakery.
With the disposal, Premier Foods will be able to concentrate efforts on its grocery business and on building value in the bread line, its CEO, Michael Clarke, said.
It continued to invest in the business following the launch of a new bread line at a bakery in Stockport.
Cath Lindley, general manager of Macmillan Cancer Support in Wales, said: "Cancer is an expensive disease to live with, but this research shows just how close to the bread line many cancer patients really are."