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a knife used to cut bread

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according to depute fiscal Katy Begg, the video showed Clancy standing outside the man's home in the city holding a bread knife.
Thomas Keller by Cangshan 17-Piece Knife Block Set - Richly grained American walnut block showcases the beauty of this set, which includes a peeling knife, paring knife, serrated utility knife, tomato/cheese knife, boning knife, six fine-edge steak knives, santoku, bread knife, chef's knife, honing steel, kitchen shears, and 16-slot walnut knife block.
At this point, Diomi pulled a bread knife with a 12-inch blade out of her jacket and started waving it around.
He collided with someone on Regent Street and lost his grip on the bread knife, which was retrieved.
McCarthy armed herself with the bread knife from a friend's kitchen and during her mission to find her phone she collapsed in the street.
A 20 centimeter-long and three centimeter-wide orange bread knife with traces of Wilson's blood on it was found in a JanSport back pack by investigators, which was in Jennings' possession.
"In front of them he stated, 'I was going to do that c*** right in.' "Officers noted the bread knife. "It was the removed from his grip.
He faints while the procedure is being carried out and awakes to find a fellow patient has stolen his wine guns, huffing: "If you can't trust a blood donor, who can you trust?" Back at home, Hancock slices his hand on a bread knife - and receives a transfusion of his own blood.
A MECHANIC is facing deportation after his wife awoke to find him towering over her with a bread knife.
He was found guilty of possessing a bread knife, a serrated blade, a black-handled knife and an axe in a public place.
A sharp knife, such as an old bread knife, can be used if you need to cut the turves to fit.
The schoolboy used a blackhandled bread knife to force his victim to hand the bike, valued at PS400, over.
She is further charged with possession of bladed articles in a public place, namely a 12cm kitchen knife, a 13cm kitchen knife and a bread knife.
VIOLENT Alan Richards is today behind bars after attacking his partner with a mop and a bread knife in front of a young child.
"You struck her with a mop with enough force to bend the handle and if that was not bad enough you took hold of a bread knife and swiped her not once, but twice.