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any of various doughs for bread

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Then mix in enough flour to make a normal bread dough and bake as usual.
There were little cut out bears made of bread dough with raisin eyes that were prepared special for some children
The two KitchenAid models I tested, the K5SS and the K45SS, were outstanding as well, although the Rival's dough hook is better designed and kneaded bread dough quicker.
Make golden bread dough, preceding; if desired, add seasonings for spiced star bread.
One lady I know rolls her bread dough as thin as she can get it in a large square on an oiled countertop, and also oils the top.
The use of fiber in frozen bread dough is thought to reduce the loss of yeast vitality and improve the nutritional value and overall quality of the product.
You can even use store-bought bread dough, though I don't recommend using a commercial package of cookie dough if your kids are on the fishing trip
Over 200 frybread recipes are provided, ranging from Hard Up and Lazy Frybread, using frozen bread dough, to Sourdough fry bread and everything imaginable in between.
Don't knead the dough as you would bread dough, but do make sure you achieve a smooth dough by folding it together.
However, Billy's tummy began to rumble and grumble and gurgle with the unrisen yeasty bread dough inside, and the little goat soon felt quite overcome, with a big bloated tummy.
INGREDIENTS (makes 4) For the dough: 250g strong white bread flour 1 tsp fine salt 1 tsp instant yeast 2 tbsp olive oil, plus extra for kneading 125-150ml water For the filling 1 tbsp olive oil 2 garlic cloves, crushed 500g frozen, whole-leaf (not chopped) spinach 125g Yorkshire Fettle cheese, or feta, crumbled 2 tbsp pine nuts, lightly toasted 3 tbsp chopped mint Salt and black pepper Paul says: "These triangular pasties are based on a Lebanese speciality called fatayer, and use soft bread dough, rather than pastry, to enclose the filling.
The technique employs "beating" the bread dough instead of kneading.
And to mark the occasion we are giving you the opportunity to try a H+EAT Ketchup & Onion Hot Dog made with soft bread dough, for free.
Two 1-pound loaves frozen white bread dough, thawed and allowed to come to room temperature