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Synonyms for breach

Synonyms for breach

an opening, especially in a solid structure

an act or instance of breaking a law or regulation or of nonfulfillment of an obligation or promise, for example

to make a hole or other opening in

to fail to fulfill (a promise) or conform to (a regulation)

Synonyms for breach

a failure to perform some promised act or obligation

an opening (especially a gap in a dike or fortification)

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a personal or social separation (as between opposing factions)

make an opening or gap in


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The prior law required a breached entity to provide notice to the Attorney General's Office, state regulators and consumer reporting agencies of "the nature of the breach of security or unauthorized acquisition or use, the number of residents of the commonwealth affected by such incident at the time of notification, and any steps the person or agency has taken or plans to take relating to the incident."
In the latter situation, the party seeking affirmative relief cannot establish that the repudiating party's breach caused him damages unless he proves that he would have been able to perform the contract if the repudiating party had not breached it.
For example, if Server A was the only server breached, it may only contain information on customers in a specific geographic area, as opposed to impacting all of a company's customers.
Interestingly, when thinking of the most recent breaches, the average amount of breached data protected by encryption was below 8%, highlighting the need for a more robust data protection strategy.
The heightened public awareness of these issues has prompted the Australian Government to introduce laws in Australia to deal with data breach notification [2], the fundamental purpose of which is that the person whose data has been breached has a "right to know" of this breach [3].
After following regulatory protocols, breached companies could still face lawsuits from victims.
DOD officials also provided us with a list of programs that breached the cost growth thresholds since 1997, which we analyzed to remove duplicate entries.
To protect their fields, these farmers breached the embankments of the Satluj- Yamuna Link ( SYL) canal to divert water from their fields.
According to the Verizon Business 2009 Data Breach Investigations Report, more records were breached in 2008 than in the past four years combined, thanks to organized criminal groups responsible for most of the 285 million records compromised last year.
In this case, however, the seller opportunistically breached his obligation to supply the raisins remaining on an old contract, apparently believing that he could cover from the new year's raisin crop, which would be cheaper, ld.
A study by the Ponemon Institute, a privacy management think tank, showed that data breaches now cost organizations an average $197 per breached customer record and an average $6.3 million per breach incident annually.
20, Heartland Payment Systems announced that hackers had breached its processing system, compromising the personal information of credit card holders around the country.
Home Office figures from June 1, 2000, to December 31, 2005, show 147 Asbos were issued in South Wales of which 59 - or 40 per cent of them - were breached at least once.
AN ANTI-SOCIAL behaviour order was breached every two days in Merseyside during the past six months.