breach of promise

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failure to keep a promise (of marriage)

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Nothing has changed since Dickens wrote The Pickwick Papers, in 1836-7, in which a pair of rascally lawyers Dodson and Fogg institute an action against the hapless Samuel Pickwick for a bogus breach of promise of marriage.
If Balde doesn't hit a hat–trick in his first match the gullible who've lapped up the guff will be suing for breach of promise.
What this means is all our politicians, the Badals and the Virbhadras could be booked for breach of promise, as may happen with Shinde.
Israeli organisation Peace Now strongly criticized the decision and considered it a breach of promise on behalf of the Israeli government to the international society.
However, what we're actually likely to get is boy meets girl, gets together with girl, boy texts/emails girl a lot, girl thinks "he seems keen and unlikely to flee the country if I admit I vaguely like him", boy misreads this as "I've started picking out names for our babies" and flees the country, where he half expects to get sued for breach of promise.
He recounts the media coverage, the context of New York City, the family's history, her previous trial against a romantic interest for breach of promise, the scandalous murder trial, and her acquittal.
So why should we consider stripping consumers of the power to sue for breach of promise, thus further disarming them vis-a-vis their mighty business opponents?
Inadequate due diligence is no defence for a breach of promise, which will--or at least should--cost Kraft dear.
The jilted bride sues Edwin for breach of promise and so ensues an uproarious operetta full of courtroom antics with the judge, usher and counsel all having very definite opinions on the proceedings.
The jilted bride sues Edwin for breach of promise and so ensues an operetta full of music, song and fully staged theatrics.
For the sixteenth century the sources focus on pre-Tridentine rituals in Venice, episcopal visits in Verona, disciplining women in Feltre, underage wives in Naples, and bigamy in Naples; for the seventeenth century, violence and the role of Neapolitan judges; and for the eighteenth century, breach of promise suits in Trent.
On the very same day that this article was published, the Leader of the UK Conservative MEPs, Giles Chichester, was making a formal speech in the plenary session in Brussels in which he highlighted the fact that a referendum had been promised by the UK Labour Government, and that a failure to hold one was a breach of promise by Gordon Brown.
as to penalize breach of promise by the promisor").
said to be the best breach of promise man in England.