breach of duty

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a breach of due care

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It is further accepted that as a result of the from Amlwch breach of duty, you suffered five days of unnecessary distress and discomfort and for this we sincerely apologise.
He said the charges alleged breach of duty, which carries a maximum sentence of life in prison, and that individuals would be named after a further round of investigation.
In the period May 20, 2007 - May 18, 2009, Markov and Hristov acted in complicity, committing breach of duty in public office and inflicting damages worth BGN 396 603.
The dissenting judge observed that although the existence of a duty is a matter of law for the courts to decide, a breach of duty is usually a matter left to the trier of fact.
He is accusing him of dishonesty, fraud and breach of duty in the property deals he set up.
There was a breach of duty in failing to check before reporting Young to the Child Protection Services.
The court held that the plaintiff stated a claim against the county for an alleged breach of duty to provide adequate funding for medical treatment of, and medicines for, the inmate.
You would only be due this if there was a breach of duty towards you causing actual loss.
District Court granted summary judgment against the employees' wage-and-hour claim and in favor of Eckard on the breach of duty of loyalty.
In a premises security case, the plaintiff must prove that the defendant owed a legal duty to protect the plaintiff; that the defendant breached such duty; and that the breach of duty was a proximate cause of both the criminal act and the resulting injury to the plaintiff.
Mr Justice Morland awarded her pounds 2,500 for her claims in breach of confidentiality and breach of duty under the 1998 Data Protection Act plus pounds 1,000 aggravated damages over a subsequent Mirror article which compared her to a "chocolate soldier".
The breach of duty was the legal cause of the damages to the resident.
there was no breach of duty by the store-owner to the customer.
In considering these contentions, the court observed that (1) the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court consistently has recognized that bad faith requires more than mere negligence and (2) the Massachusetts Appeals Court has found that lack of good faith carries an implication of a dishonest purpose, conscious wrongdoing or breach of duty through a motive of self-interest or ill will.
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