breach of duty

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a breach of due care

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There were a couple of undesirable contacts among UST staff involved in the case but no breach of duty, Tunheim said.
Coleman of Grand Kru County, and Jim Tornola of Margibi County accused the three justices of being in gross violation of their oaths of office by allegedly engaging in misconduct, gross breach of duty and exhibiting clear inability to perform the functions of their respective offices as Associate Justices.
* PHYSICIAN'S DEFENSE: There was no breach of duty. He did not feel the need to concern the patient about an injury to himself that did not affect her.
The judge added that the council was "not in a position to deny" that Mr Summers suffered asbestos exposure and that this arose from a breach of duty.
After a six-month battle to receive an official response, Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board have now apologised and accepted a "breach of duty" in her care.
On November 25 he was also charged with breach of duty just a day after returning to office following a months-long leave.
Police pressed charges against 20 people for criminal association, espionage, breach of duty, blackmail and deceit.
An unspecified number of former managers of Greek state utility PPC were charged with breach of duty on Friday for commissioning a power plant that lost the company about 100 million euros ($130 million), a court source said.
Lord Justice Munby granted permission to appeal, saying: "A finding of breach of duty arising from a failure to have such a policy would affect not just this shop, but a large proportion of the shops operated by this defendant."
Judge Owen said: "There was a duty of care owed to the claimant, nonetheless there was no breach of duty.
The dissenting judge observed that although the existence of a duty is a matter of law for the courts to decide, a breach of duty is usually a matter left to the trier of fact.
There was a breach of duty in failing to check before reporting Young to the Child Protection Services.
The DoH admitted liability for breach of duty of care and has agreed compensation of pounds 175,000, solicitors Irwin Mitchell said.
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