breach of contract

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Moreover, because he never entered a new contract with the agency, there was no breach of contract. We therefore affirm the judgment of the district court.
"Plaintiffs Lexington Insurance Company brought this action against [defendant] Johnson Controls Fire Protection Limited Partnership for breach of contract and negligence.
Wilmot: Plaintiff alleges breach of contract. Suit seeks $14,727.
So, until the end of the last millennium, the materiality of a breach of contract was not a proper element of a damages claim in any jurisdiction within the United States.
The jury ultimately awarded SJM $95,000 on the breach of contract claim.
Citigroup Inc (NYSE: C) has sued two bankers from Tormar Associates for a breach of contract.
The longer the passage of time, the greater the argument that the employee has waived any breach of contract. In the case before the EAT, an employee suffered from symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression and, shortly into her illness, presented a formal grievance alleging unfair treatment when compared to others in her team.
The agreement is said to conclude the litigation relating to the breach of contract and also restore the relationship between the bank and Arosio, who is expected to remain as an advisor to Deutsche Bank.
It is a common misnomer that a breach of contract often leads directly to damages being levied against the guilty party.
Summary: A Christian who was demoted for posting his opposition to gay marriage on Facebook has won his breach of contract action.
Salling sued for breach of contract, fraud and unjust enrichment.
breaking the whip regulations, and the horse is disqualified the owner has an implicit right to sue the jockey for breach of contract.
Insurance industry personnel may be unfamiliar with this position--that the claim made against the insured is one for breach of contract and therefore, a claim not covered by the general liability policy that applies to tort claims.
A constructive dismissal occurs when an employee leaves his/her employment because some action taken by his/her employer amounts to what the law refers to as a 'fundamental breach of contract' and makes it difficult or impossible for the employee to continue working for that employer.
From the documentation received, no breach of contract appears to have occurred yet.
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