breach of contract

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If your business finds itself on either side of a breach of contract case, it's important to have a talented legal advocate in your corner.
Michelle Markovich: Plaintiff alleges breach of contract.
The innocent party must also ensure that they are not subsequently in breach, having affirmed the contract, otherwise they may be liable to pay damages for breach of contract.
Proctor: Plaintiff alleges breach of contract, unjust enrichment.
Denyse Renner: Plaintiff alleges breach of contract.
On October 15, 1993, investors in the Spitzer companies and partnerships filed an action for professional negligence and breach of contract against the firm.
The Cherry lawsuit against SafeCard charges malicious prosecution and breach of contract.
Each party sued the other for breach of contract and the Agency brought an action against the contractor's bonding company.
Federal Judge Dismisses Fraud Claims Against DIRECTV; Decision Confirms Allegations Were Without Merit and Holds Darlene Liable for Breach of Contract
Howard said if there is a breach of contract, the city's recourse ranges from rescinding the contract to seeking monetary compensation for damages and requesting a specific performance.
The Supreme judicial Court of Maine ruled that an accountant cannot be held liable for damages for emotional distress sustained as a result of an alleged breach of contract.
for breach of contract and patent infringement to assert certain claims against Abbott Laboratories, Inc.
In Pierce, the owner of a hospital attempted to extinguish this so called "buffer zone" in an effort to uphold a multi-million dollar judgment it recovered against a mechanical subcontractor for breach of contract on the legal theory of third-party beneficiary, or, in other words, the owner contended that it was the beneficiary of the contract between the general contractor and the mechanical subcontractor which created a quasi-contractual relationship between the owner and the sub.
NYSE:PHM) announced today that the judgment it received in its breach of contract case against the United States government is now final.
Daniel Davis: Plaintiff alleges breach of contract.