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large metal container in which coal or charcoal is burned


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There seems to be the deuce-and-all in the hollow down by the flare,' said the boy, glancing from her eyes to the brazier, which had a grisly skeleton look on its long thin legs.
As I passed the tall man who sat by the brazier I felt a sudden pluck at my skirt, and a low voice whispered, "Walk past me, and then look back at me.
In the main street at the corner of the court, some labourers were repairing the gas-pipes, and had lighted a great fire in a brazier, round which a party of ragged men and boys were gathered: warming their hands and winking their eyes before the blaze in rapture.
But Ulysses took his stand near the burning braziers, holding up torches and looking at the people--brooding the while on things that should surely come to pass.
Speaking outside, Col Brazier said the Tories had shown "contempt" for the Armed Forces.
Substandard intersection layout at Brazier Road/Wilkie Avenue, substabndard existing road carriageway (Brazier Road), limited stormwater control and, poor cycling and pedestrian accessibility to the local beach (ie: the Yanchep Lagoon).
The figurine was attached to part of a charcoal-burning brazier which would have been used to provide heating and lighting.
TV presenter Jeff Brazier, 30, has been on dates with stunning brunette Julia MacMillan, 28, it emerged last night.
Louisa Brazier persuaded doctors to carry out further tests on nine-year-old Luke Holt, leading them to discover a cyst on his brain.
ACTON, ME Eric William "Rick" Brazier passed away on Saturday, June 16th in Cumberland, Maine.
Lindsey Peel said she romped in a hotel bedroom with footballer turned TV presenter Jeff Brazier after he picked her up in a club.
FORMER Cardiff City defender Matt Brazier said there is ``no chance'' of the Bluebirds becoming the victims of an FA Cup giant-killing against Margate on Sa urday.
Becoming an Eagle Scout isn't an easy task, but Joseph Johnston, Josh Brazier and Joseph Barrus welcomed the challenge.
Brazier is urging his players to "get the job done" this afternoon and avoid a nervous final week of the campaign.