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solder together by using hard solder with a high melting point

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A high school diploma or equivalent combined with technical and on-the-job training is typically required to become a welder, cutter, solderer, or brazer.
Brazer is a staff consultant for Benchmark Inc., a pavement and roof consulting firm.
In the Margaret Lloyd Memorial Cup the match of the day saw Stuart Rd (Brazer, Jordan, Gallagher 2 and Milford) sharing ten goals with Leighbridge (Williams 4, Savage).
When a young Mexican immigrant dies after being hit by a car, an Anglophone onlooker comments of the tragedy that Geraldo was "Just another brazer who didn't speak English" (66).
Drew Brazer, general manager of Lego UK, said demand from consumers for the Friends line-up had been "fantastic" since it was launched on Boxing Day and added: "It has exceeded our expectations."
The bank was designed by architect Clarence Brazer and is currently home to an HSBC branch.
Bauer and Brazer (education leadership, George Mason U.) describe how aspiring and practicing school leaders can use research to improve schoolwide student achievement.
Following Ware's death, North Church pastor John Brazer traced, in a marathon sentence that ran nearly a page and a half, the many parallels between Ware and the church's own "sainted Abbot," including a shared devotion to Christ, love for the ministry, humility, modesty, earnestness, selflessness, diligence, "tenderness of conscience," and their power of drawing sermons from their own hearts.
Brazer, The Deductibility of State and Local Taxes Under the Individual Income Tax, in TAX REVISION COMPENDIUM, supra note 164, at 407, 414.
From school community-based research, Brazer shares with readers from his case studies how prospective leaders can learn from the examples of superintendents to select committee members for enhanced productivity and to choose which role to play on a committee within a specific context.
Early studies did not address the effect of school size on student performance but focused more on school expenditures (Brazer, 1959; Hirsch, 1959; Michelson, 1972).
Stonehill College (Nu Rho) 20 April 2005: Stephanie Bock, Emily Brazer, Michael Bruno, Sarah B.
Sophomore Samantha Brazer expressed enthusiasm for the campaign, noting that, "It just takes a minute of your time to make someone's life better.
(3.) Miller DL, Brazer S, Murdoch D, Reller LB, Corey GR.
She says that her sexy svelte figure played a huge part in pulling hunky model boyfriend Jeff Brazer, 23, a former footballer for Leyton Orient.