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Synonyms for brazen-faced

unrestrained by convention or propriety

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On the city of the obtrusive, the brazen-faced, the pen-demagogues and tongue-demagogues, the overheated ambitious:--
The ministry warned that the "ruling regime in Saudi Arabia is inciting terrorism in violation of relevant international resolutions, and the Saudi officials are bragging, in brazen-faced statements, about providing financial and logistical support to al-Qaeda elements and training them in countries neighboring Syria.
Good or bad, Koreans are said to be the only people in the world who would refuse to recognize Japan as a global power, a large part of which is due to petty, brazen-faced Japanese establishment in coming to grips with the most disgraceful part of their history.
Such passive responses and lack of firm countermoves have resulted in Japan's brazen-faced historic distortions.
Facing a maximum fine of pounds 20,000, brazen-faced Morrison Jr whined that he was on income support and had been unable to resist the temptation to make easy cash.
Robert Burton makes this point vividly: "I know there be many base, impudent, brazen-faced rogues, that will .