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solder together by using hard solder with a high melting point

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The North American market for brazed heat exchangers shows a strong growth and poses a significant potential for Alfa Laval.
The agreement is in line with the companya[euro](tm)s strategy to satisfy global demand for low pressure and high pressure brazed aluminium heat exchangers, Chart Energy & Chemicalsa[euro](tm)s president Mike Durkin said.
To ensure the oxidation and corrosion resistance of brazed joints, Ni- and also Ag-based filler metals are usually recommended.
As a result, material is produced which combines great strength, toughness, high hardness and wear resistance, and is also readily brazed, which is not the case for pure tungsten carbide.
For oil cooling applications, the new CB30 copper brazed plate heat exchanger offers higher efficiency with a smaller heat transfer area leading to a general increase in performance capacity over its predecessors.
The most widely used materials and the brazing alloys based on the Ni-Cr system which contain as depressants boron and silicon (1) ensuring efficient wetting of the material to be brazed and also complicating the structural state of the brazed joints and the parent metal.
Appearance of some spot welded respectively spot pressure brazed samples with the new electrode is shown in figure 4.
Many radiator manufacturers are replacing conventional soldered copper-brass heat exchangers with the new brazed copper-brass heat exchangers and, where performance criteria favors copper-brass, they are switching back to copper-brass from aluminum.
MAG Maintenance Technologies also formulated a multi-flute brazed carbide finisher, dubbed the "Dreamcutter," that has proven to be successful on finish cuts on thin wall applications of 8" deep with weight-saving wall thicknesses of 0.
Fabric cladding reportedly wears more uniformly and is less expensive because the brazed coating comes out smoother than a conventional welded overlay, which requires substantial machining.
The pre-sintered preforms consist of a blend of super alloy and low-melting point braze and are customized to fit the shape of the component and then tack-welded into place and brazed.
GEA Ecoflex GmbH, Sarstedt, controlling company of the GEA PHE Group, has taken over the US-based manufacturer of brazed plate heat exchangers FlatPlate Inc.
Micro 100 Tool Corporation introduces its complete series of standard brazed tools which feature CNC precision ground carbide tips.
Up to 100 tons, both types of compressors are matched to brazed plate evaporators.
Product line includes: Gasketed sanitary plate heat exchanger for pasteurizing and general heating or cooling of beverages and other viscous products; Semi-Welded Series is ideal for utility applications such as liquid-to refrigerant and features alternating welded and gasketed channels; Brazed Heat Exchanger is a compact plate heat exchanger consisting of a series of stainless steel plates brazed together using copper or nickel; and Contherm[R] Scraped-Surface Heat Exchanger is vertically mounted for heating and cooling of particulate, sticky, viscous and crystallizing/phase-change processes.