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solder together by using hard solder with a high melting point

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Granges is also exploring business opportunities for advanced aluminium materials for brazed automotive heat exchangers in North America.
Titanium was brazed to itself and to aluminum alloys by Al-based fillers using an oxyacetylene torch with flux [30, 33], in high-purity argon [10, 33], in vacuum [28-31, 34-36], and in air conditions: in fluxless process assisted by the ultrasonic vibration (USV) [37-39] or by additional pressure [40].
All specimens were brazed in the positive structure location and in the structure direction 0[degrees].
The agreement is in line with the companya[euro](tm)s strategy to satisfy global demand for low pressure and high pressure brazed aluminium heat exchangers, Chart Energy & Chemicalsa[euro](tm)s president Mike Durkin said.
To ensure the oxidation and corrosion resistance of brazed joints, Ni- and also Ag-based filler metals are usually recommended.
Such a flame drastically reduces the oxidation inside the brazed pipes and joining metals.
This new, smaller copper brazed plate heat exchanger for oil cooling applications is another step in the launch of the next generation heat exchangers from ALFA LAVAL.
They produce brazed joints with high strength at both room and elevated temperatures and also corrosion resistance.
Appearance of some spot welded respectively spot pressure brazed samples with the new electrode is shown in figure 4.
Vannatta said she created the antiwar sculptures by three different methods: carved stone, forged and brazed copper, and cast bronze.
Many radiator manufacturers are replacing conventional soldered copper-brass heat exchangers with the new brazed copper-brass heat exchangers and, where performance criteria favors copper-brass, they are switching back to copper-brass from aluminum.
MAG Maintenance Technologies also formulated a multi-flute brazed carbide finisher, dubbed the "Dreamcutter," that has proven to be successful on finish cuts on thin wall applications of 8" deep with weight-saving wall thicknesses of 0.060" thick.
Fabric cladding reportedly wears more uniformly and is less expensive because the brazed coating comes out smoother than a conventional welded overlay, which requires substantial machining.
Consider the deep drilling system from Iscar Metals (Arlington, TX;, which is a modular system that uses brazed and indexable threaded drilling heads with either single- or double-tube shanks.