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solder together by using hard solder with a high melting point

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Failure of the specimens occurred mainly in the brazed seam metal, but not in the line of fusion of a seam with the base metal.
The assemblies are brazed in three Sergeant & Wilbur belt-type furnaces.
Chromium and aluminum ensure protection of a brazed joint (BJ) against oxidation; titanium, aluminum and tantalum define formation of [gamma]'-phase, which hardens matrix of nickel alloy; carbon, zirconium and boron enable precipitation of hardening phases over grain boundaries.
Materials of a brazed seam should have high strength, be resistant to impact loads, and their microstructure should correspond to the greatest degree to the metal structure of a item to be renovated.
In both machining operations, the arbors were fitted with brazed carbide cutting tools.
The tests were being made on gold and silver brazed with an alloy based on gold and silver.
In making analysis of the brazed structure failure, when it was necessary to find locus of failure in the seam, heat-affected zone or base metal, both parts of the failed specimen were investigated, because work with just one half of the fracture is ineffective.
The chief reason for the popularity of CuproBraze technology is that it allows for the use of brazed serpentine-fins (often of the square-wave type) in brazed copper-brass heat exchanger designs.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Safetrack Percent U2019s Pin Brazing Material For Making Pin Brazed Connection On Existing Copper Bonded Rod Used As Earth Electrode For Maintenance Free Earth Using The Existing Cadmium Bronze Cable, Size 10Mm Sq.
We believe the synergies offered by the combination of these two highly regarded businesses will fill a competitive market void created by recent consolidations in the brazed chassis and electronics housing space.
In work [3] the physical-mechanical properties of brazed joints (BJ) of alloy JS26VI at room and high temperature are described.
The company's brazed, two-piece manifold can provide three levels of melt channels with gentle curves and turns instead of only straight runners, allowing flexibility for a balanced layout with reduced stack height.
Rotary brazed diamond tools for sizing and finishing parts have multiple fixed edges made of polycrystalline diamond, brazed onto a carbide or steel tool body.
1 Boy Zelenskiego 4A brazed heat exchanger, with padded insulation Q = 48.