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solder together by using hard solder with a high melting point

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Optimized conditions of brazing of JS26VI alloy (1220 [degrees]C, 15-20 min) ensured formation of braze seams of satisfactory quality.
Nickel diffusion braze alloy and method for repair of superalloy.
to collaborate on the development of braze joint performance prediction methods for critical structures subjected to complex loading conditions.
Among the themes are aircraft and aerospace applications, ceramic and glass joining, electronic packaging, filler metals, braze joining composite materials, and applications in energy and transport.
The CuproBraze process provides enough process latitude to braze different geometries simultaneously in a "one-shot" brazing process.
The cutting edge of the BNC300 is further strengthened through the incorporation of Sumitomo's new brazing technology, which is used to braze all corners individually.
The coating is applied to the grinding wheel in a unique pattern using a high quality braze alloy.