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Synonyms for bray

Synonyms for bray

to break up into tiny particles

Synonyms for bray

the cry of an ass

Related Words

braying characteristic of donkeys

reduce to small pieces or particles by pounding or abrading

laugh loudly and harshly

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They took an early lead, capitalising on their first strong centre pass, and though Brays were difficult to break down in attack, Richmond led by two at the first break.
Brays came out quickly for the second quarter, but Richmond's defence managed to overturn the ball on a couple of occasions, allowing quick breaks down the court to lead by four, with the score at 20-16, at the end of a rapid second quarter.
Olympic gold medalist Katie Taylor was on hand to cut the green ribbon to open the new McGettigan's bar in Bray this week.
The new bar will have an entrance through 'The Royal Hotel', (which is owned by the McGettigan's) and The Main Street of Bray.
Head teacher Jane Edgerton said that "our school continues to develop and demand for places at Brays grows month on month."
During the spring term Ofsted inspected Brays and yet again they confirmed that the provision the children receive there "is outstanding in all areas."
Gordon and Patricia Bray celebrated their golden day with a cruise on the Rhine and Danube.
Bray; AFTER MY LAI: MY YEAR COMMANDING FIRST PLATOON CHARLIE COMPANY; University of Oklahoma Press (Autobiography/Memoir) $16.95 ISBN: 0806140453
Brays Island reflects the casual elegance and appreciation of outdoor sports by its upscale residents, who have located here from two dozen states and Canada.
Flossy, who produces more than 2lbs of muck a day, began roaming into the Brays' garden through a hole in the fence, leaving a trail of droppings and attracting rats.
Richard Smith tells us that one branch of the Brays lived next door to the home his parents bought in Cliffe in 1972.
Margaret also surmises that Sam got substantial compensation for the accident that enabled him to buy three neighbouring houses in Underbank which were all occupied by Brays.
Readers Harold Smith and David Whitworth discovered that they were distantly related to the Brays, specifically Job Bray and Fred Bottom Bray.
FOR MORE THAN 85 years Bray Sheet Metal Company has exceeded its clients' expectations in a dynamic variety of applications including industrial design, fabrication and installation; residential and commercial roofing solutions; and custom, specialty sheet metal fabrication that meets individuals' and companies' needs.
It started with Essex policeman Garry Bray, who was wanting to get in touch with relatives in the area, and in true 'Fugitive' style, find out who a mystery one-armed man was.