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Synonyms for bray

Synonyms for bray

to break up into tiny particles

Synonyms for bray

the cry of an ass

Related Words

braying characteristic of donkeys

reduce to small pieces or particles by pounding or abrading

laugh loudly and harshly

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When clean up was announced, the blocks, brayers, and pads were placed in the bucket to make the transition as smooth and tidy as possible.
* 4.5" x 6" polystyrene printing plates printing ink, brayers, plastic ink trays
Cindy Brayer explains, "A lot of our existing patients live in Clearwater, so the new location made the most sense.
A press or sponges and brayer. You can use sponges to remove excess water from your pulled paper, or you can assemble a simple press to squeeze out much more water and reduce drying time (see one idea, top right).
The C2H2 type remains the largest group of the ZNF motifs and has been proven to affect RNA binding and protein-protein interactions (Brayer and Segal, 2008).
And let us also consider the1960 Declaration on the Granting of Independence to ColonialCountries and Peoples, and the Fourth Geneva Convention and its subsequent protocols.Commenting on these documents, Israeli human rights lawyer Lynda Brayer said this in2011: "Above and beyond the basic right of all human beings to resist their being killed andharmed, and a society to take armed actions to protect itself, this document legitimizes alsonational liberation struggles, including, at this time in history, most particularly, thePalestinian people's struggle for its own freedom.
(Don't answer,) bloods hummingbird under your ribs Body-monster, ravenous now the hound's heartbeat outrunning my greed Body, inside, thin ibis, flaming-- mirror-hitch brayer do I love you, or not?
In turn, according to the statement, Tillerson and Brayer expressed "their thanks for the cooperation shown by the provincial government and presented to Barzani a short brief about the work and activities for the two companies in the region.
In New York, Jennifer Brayer is the partner-in-charge of the office.
Todd Brayer and Vanessa Zhang were dedicated and diligent in putting the physical volume together, and Jennifer Wong kept our business and financial house in order.
WHAT YOU NEED: Small wood or particle board side table (for example the Lack table from Ikea), pinking shears, wallpaper scraps in different patterns and colours, foam brush, decoupage medium glue, brayer roller.
You can get your brayer in several fabulous colors, including the classic gray, reddish, spotted or striped, dun, black, or whitish.
The North East produced further winners with South Durham's Jeff Saunders, younger brother of Olympian Bradley, overcoming Jack Brayer, and Peter Cope of Hartlepool club Gus Robinson taking the verdict against Amin Hassan (Walcot), but East Durham's Declan Fusco was eased out by Ryan Colquhoun of Lewsey.