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Synonyms for bray

Synonyms for bray

to break up into tiny particles

Synonyms for bray

the cry of an ass

Related Words

braying characteristic of donkeys

reduce to small pieces or particles by pounding or abrading

laugh loudly and harshly

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See Criminal Justice Clinic, supra note 28; see also Brayer, supra note 28, at 70-72, 86.
WHAT YOU NEED: A piece of 3/4in thick plywood or MDF, cut to fit the width of your bed frame and extend at least 2ft above the bed, tape measure, ruler, craft knife, cutting mat, wallpaper roll, large paintbrush, wallpaper paste, brayer roller, small scissors, pencil, small scraps of paper (at least 1in square in several different colours), small paintbrush.
In one of the evening's funniest moments, Brayer and Daly were competing in a contest between two graduate students presenting their school theses.
Clean block and brayer after three prints, and apply fresh ink.
A lot of that stems from the presence of other decorative home furnishings in those finishes," Brayer said.
Brayer, 'La Litterature religieuse (liturgie et bible)' in GRLMA VI/1 (Heidelberg, 1968), 8-9, and see ibid.
A bulletin is available from The Brayer magazine for a nominal fee that gives the details of introducing and maintaining a donkey for predator control.
For example, normally a brayer is for rolling down ink.
Our Managing Editors, Jonathan Bright, Sam Plett and Kate Robertson, and our Production Editor, Todd Brayer provided truly invaluable contributions through their meticulous efforts to ensure that the selected submissions were properly prepared for publication.
Place the leaf on the paper, roll the brayer covered with ink over the leaf and onto the paper on all sides.
Vienna-based Dutchman Bart Lootsma is curator, and artistic manager is Maric-Ange Brayer, director of the French Centre Regional Contemporary Art Collection (FRAC Centre).
Toni Brayer, president of the San Francisco Medical Society.
One advantage of the process, says business manager Carey Brayer, is that it uses a precise charge of material that has consistent flow characteristics.
Roll inkcovered brayer over balsa pattern, then stamp block on a paper scrap; if paint is too thick, spray color with water.