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Synonyms for brawny

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Synonyms for brawny

characterized by marked muscular development; powerfully built

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Synonyms for brawny

(of a person) possessing physical strength and weight

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References in classic literature ?
He said the gods could not drown him even though they had tried to do so, and when Neptune heard this large talk, he seized his trident in his two brawny hands, and split the rock of Gyrae in two pieces.
Lorys says the company has been focusing strongly on its Brawny and Quilted Northern upgrades since its acquisition of Fort James in 2000.
In June, G-P filed a registration statement with the Securities and Exchange Commission for an initial public offering of its consumer products and packaging subsidiary, which includes Brawny paper towels, Dixie paper cups and G-P's nonwovens business.
Georgia-Pacific Corp has launched its Brawny Soft and Strong brand napkins.
A double for Gordon Richards at Doncaster begins when Sea Pigeon (Ron Barry) gets the better of Brawny Scot (Fred Winter/John Francome) in the novice hurdle and gets a
From Spain's Navarra region, it's got brawny body and a hefty blackcurrant tang backed up by a spicy, tannic bite.
The models will be based on Mazda's Bongo van, the Bongo truck and the Bongo Brawny van.
By the same token, Johns' brushwork was never really all that emotive, in comparison either to that of the Abstract Expressionists before him or to Scully's rough and brawny paint application.
THE new Nissan 370Z had its official unveiling at the LA Motorshow last week and Nissan took the opportunity to release more details of this brawny new super-coupe.
This beautiful film is at heart the endearing tale of the romance between brawny adventurer Smith (Farrell in suitably moody form) and the young Pocahontas.
The brawny 165-pounder, who goes by the Internet nickname Chunky Muscle, says he's "put together with nuts and bolts for joints and big guns for quads." Straight guys ask him how much he guys ask if he could bench-press them.
Fred Winter doubles up at Ascot as Brawny Scot (John Francome) beats Revise (Doug Marks/David Mould) in the first leg of the novice hurdle, while his
Brawny pub bouncers are being sent to charm school to improve their image.
In Captured Pirates on the Island of Lesbos, 1992, a gleeful horde of brawny women enact a ritual of mass castration.
Sharing the Disco's boxiness, the Commander is available with a 215 bhp 3-litre turbo-diesel or the brawny 330 bhp 5.7 V8 hemi out of the Chrysler 300C.