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They will have to sell off some or all of their brawniest assets - those massive generating plants - and make a living mostly by operating the wires that run to homes and factories.
5) athlete from Savannah, Georgia, pumped as much iron as the brawniest boys in the country.
If you want the biggest, brawniest, most ridiculously muscular phone you can buy, it's the Evo.
Teamwork among linemen is crucial, so even though they're the biggest and brawniest players, they also have to be the brainiest.
The biggest, brawniest, most macho of males from the most macho of cultures, no longer feel the desire to kick ten kinds of dunny-droppings out of the detested Poms, because they are too frightened to turn up at Sydney Airport and board a plane.
Each year, the Delt sophomores would dub their brawniest or most surly member as The Challenge and egg him on to make pledge life as miserable as he could.
Auto shows are typically swaggering, macho affairs, where carmakers display their showiest, brawniest vehicles.
Hoss was the biggest and brawniest of the Cartwright brothers, but he also was the most gentle, Meyer explained.