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brilliant and showy technical skill

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Bravura Solutions Ltd and the British bank have been working together for five years.
Intended for a competent upper-level undergraduate or graduate bass trombonist or for a professional player, Samuel Adler's Bravura is rhythmically interesting and dynamically vital.
Bravura Foods is devoted to taking care of the staff and help wherever possible.
At launch, Bravura has six staff, including its joint managing directors, who are spread across the country, with plans to grow staff levels as the business develops.
The company has a presence in both the UK and Australia, a factor which was important to Bravura, in addition to the company's track record.
Bravura said that the development is in line with its strategy of providing systems that will integrate with its clients' IT architecture and follows the successful implementation of the company's Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) solution with Perpetual earlier in 2008.
It's non-ballet audiences who like the bravura tricks.
So is the bravura black-and-white opening scene, Green's womanly work, Martin Campbell's spirited direction and a finale that ends the movie with an exclamation mark.
Jodie Smith, aged nine, from New Oscott Primary School, is one of the leading talents of the Bravura group, and she will perform a violin solo at the concerts tonight and tomorrow evening.
If computerisation is driving Hadid's increasingly complex shell forms (the London Olympic Aquatic Centre, for instance), there's also a bravura sense of branding (Z-Wave, her Z-Scape furniture, a Z-Island kitchen) and glamour (are the new silver paintings somehow channelling Andy Warhol?
Skolnick Architecture + Design Partnership, Bravura Corporation, Formations, Inc.
For several days, a seven-strong team from Stokesley-based Bravura lived, worked and performed alongside the community of Gaobeidian village, Beijing.
While the humility presumed by a votive offering may seem lacking in a benefaction that seems intended rather to overwhelm and dazzle the receiver, one may trust that even a celestial being might easily be won over by the bravura of Albarracin's gesture and the resplendence of the result.
With a laundry list of best-sellers under his belt and several awards, the bicoastal novelist--based in Los Angeles but with a home in Atlanta, where he reportedly does most of his writing--continues to deliver bravura fiction in dynamic fashion.
The word bravura can refer to ``a brilliant or ambitious action or display'' (Ox-ford Concise Dictionary).