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Synonyms for bravura

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brilliant and showy technical skill

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Bravura said that the deal will deliver significant strategic benefits to Bravura.
Bravura stacks of snowballs made out of Styrofoam, cheesecloth, plaster, spackle, and gesso aim most directly at the ever-changing history of realism and reveal Stoll's Hollywood background.
And it's a bravura performance by actor Will Bond, who delivers an astonishing impersonation of a brilliant and mercurial artist.
Politically, the station and its attendant airport are regarded as an important new regional gateway and the bravura quality of Calatrava's new interchange seems commensurate with this increased status.
Fernando Bujones was a spectacular bravura technician with superb partnering skills; his stage presence blended charm, courtesy, and an impish playfulness.
The paint handling can look almost slapdash, and where it becomes more vigorous, this can be read as betraying frustration rather than insouciant bravura. And yet that slapdash handling gradually begins to seem surpassingly sensitive--or is it?
The way the men present themselves is more bravura, and it was good for me to see that." Ballerinas who fly through the air with the ballon and bravura to rival a man's leave an impression, too.
Modeled on an actual fallen scoreboard from a hockey arena pictured in a photograph in the show's back room, Hanson and Sonnenberg's Scoreboard, 2003-2004, is a piece of sheer bravura, a tangle of tilted planes and sprung wires that made a thing, unremarkable when intact, into a ruin rich with lyrical fascination.
She is highly regarded for the energy and exactitude of her allegro work, which she executes with a center so calm that she sometimes makes bravura steps look too easy.
Even while conveying great visual power, Stella's paintings of this time indicate a procedure drained of the spontaneous and expressive bravura celebrated earlier in New York School painting.
And he gives his Sorcerer, performed with dash and maniacal triumph by Cyrille de la Barre, bravura dancing to rival that of the Prince, setting him up as a foil.