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brilliant and showy technical skill

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Bravura Software predicts that Easy Computer Sync will be a hit with Netbook users, who make up the fastest growing segment of the PC market.
I am excited to take on this new role and am delighted to be joining the Bravura team.
Bravura from Sungard Systems where he worked as Global Accounts Director, and was responsible for the global and Asia Pacific regional strategic relationship management of tier one clients.
Politically, the station and its attendant airport are regarded as an important new regional gateway and the bravura quality of Calatrava's new interchange seems commensurate with this increased status.
The result is a revelation with the missing passages recovered; it is the same composition, but with a bravura difference.
First, consider the contests of Olympians, the partnerships that aim to set bravura standards; anything he can do she can do better and she'll die trying in the effort.
Duff's bravura performance - her large, somewhat sallow eyes can be playful, imperiously steely and fearsome as she portrays Elizabeth from age 20 to 70 - propels the production, as does stylish direction from Coky Giedroyc, who lent a similar flamboyance to BBC America's series ``Viva Blackpool.
Morley savors heroic gestures and spectacular, climactic moments, both of which he depicts with unreserved bravura and such meticulous detail that his style deserves to be called hyperreal.
Naturally the arrival of a CD would shift the focus away from Mitchell's bravura star turn onstage and toward Trask's much-ballyhooed songs--and the question of whether the CD would emerge as the score of a musical or as a straight-ahead chunk of rock and roll.
Ballerinas who fly through the air with the ballon and bravura to rival a man's leave an impression, too.
He was nearly an hour late for the hourlong program, part of a half-day series of panels and lectures for the Valley Industry and Commerce Association's annual business forecast conference, but that didn't deter him from making a bravura entrance.
As with his last bravura turn at LA Louver, "Looking at Landscape/Being in Landscape" in 1998, these new pictures show Hockney returning to the land of his birth and finding there some affinities with his second home in the American West--most notably in their shared panoramic skylines.
And it's a bravura performance by actor Will Bond, who delivers an astonishing impersonation of a brilliant and mercurial artist.
Nearly every performance I attended over a five-day period was packed--from the family-oriented Circus Flora, to the bravura 75-minute midday chamber music concerts that are the perennial star of the event, to two major opera productions and a wide mix of traditional and avant-garde theater and dance events," wrote Hedy Weiss of the Chicago Sun-Times.