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Synonyms for bravo


Synonyms for bravo

a murderer (especially one who kills a prominent political figure) who kills by a surprise attack and often is hired to do the deed

a cry of approval as from an audience at the end of great performance

Related Words

applaud with shouts of 'bravo' or 'brava'

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Hence, a possibility exists that Bravo was not the one who conducted the search on Siri.
In 2005, Bravo entered into a Build Operate Transfer agreement with STC for 15 years to provide wireless communication services using iDEN technology.
Bravo has had plenty of options to choose from so far.
It is thought Ms Bravo and John Pierce, chief executive of GUS and chairman of Burberry, will outline the changes in a document to be distributed to shareholders
Photography is an art of rendering the surfaces of things, and in this photograph, as in so many by Alvarez Bravos the presence of surfaces is manifest to an astonishing level of detail, and with rare multiplicity.
We are pleased to have exceeded our fundraising goal quickly despite a challenging fundraising environment," said Orlando Bravo.
I think about a lot of things (after missing the penalty),'' Bravo said, ``but first is that I have to recuperate very fast, because the game is right in front of us.
As the story goes, Flores and the prince met up later, after Bravo, then stayed up half the night at the Crobar nightclub on Miami Beach.
It was a question of our future," Bravo, an imposing figure, says.
a BRAVO | BRIO Restaurant Group (NASDAQ: BBRG) concept, opened at Willow Grove Park Mall, which is its seventh Pennsylvania location.
Bravo and Carlos Salcido hit the crossbar with deflected shots early in the second half, Sergio Santana placed a header just wide of the net in the 64th minute, and Necaxa goalkeeper Ivan Vasquez parried Edwin Barboa's blast in the 79th.
This year marks the 10th Bravo Awards ceremony, and the milestone could not be more fitting.
For more information about BRAVO | BRIO Restaurant Group, visit www.
Being considered for a Bravo Award is an honor in itself, she added.
Also present to receive Bravo Business Awards were IBM Latin America General Manager Bruno Di Leo, Visa International President Eduardo Eraha, Oracle Senior Vice President Luiz Meisler, Grupo Carso Director Roberto Slim--on behalf of Chairman Carlos Slim Helu--Brazilian Biodiversity Fund Executive Secretary Pedro Leitao, World Health Organization HIV/AIDS Department Director Paulo Roberto Teixeira and Brazilian Ambassador Lucio Amorim--on behalf of Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.