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a small pork sausage


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Food and drink on offer includes pretzels, schnitzels, bratwursts, and roasted almonds, which can be washed down with gluhwein, weissbier and hot chocolate.
The event will feature authentic German beers including lagers, wheat beers, dunkels, smoked beer along with a special menu featuring authentic bratwurst (including vegan bratwurst) and pretzels.
there must be an official sausage crisis in germany given the amount of Bratwursts at winter wonderland
Mustard fanatics say ketchup should never touch a hot dog or bratwurst. Ketchup supporters evoke their all-American right to freedom of condiments.
"There's no replacement for a NE-rnberger Bratwurst," said Steiner, owner of the successful self-named butcher's chain.
Unwilling to go and follow any of their former local rivals, supporter Christoph Pauer and his friends formed a new initiative, 'Fans Without A Club', offering teams lacking vocal support the opportunity to hire them for matchdays for the price of a couple of beers and bratwursts each.
They want football's half- time break increased from 15 to 20 minutes, so that fans have got more time to stuff their faces with beer and bratwursts.
Polish sausages, bratwursts and even a burger dog made with ground beef.
When I met up with with Rhoades this summer to discuss his work (and enjoy one of Nuremberg's legendary bratwursts), we decided to concentrate on this most recent car project, the "Impala (International Museum Project About Leaving and Arriving)." A museum-on-wheels criss-crossing Europe, taking other artists' works along for the ride, it was parked outside the Kunsthaus Zurich during the month of June, a piece by Sylvie Fleury in the glove compartment and a reconstruction of a work by the late Dieter Roth in the trunk.
There is a section on bratwursts, and others on cooked sausages, semi dry sausages, specialities and a section entitled Profit with meat.
By then, Victoria Square had been turned into a huge Christmas grotto ablaze with colour while the first bratwursts sizzled on the grills and the beer began to flow.
The land of bratwursts, spaghetti, paella and.burgers?
So when should you head down there for the beer and bratwursts? Birmingham's German Christmas Market is open from 10am to 9pm each day.
Happily both markets offer good alternatives to over-salty Bratwursts. In Manchester my favourite Raclette stall is missing but there's Italian pasta, paella, Dutch cheese, baklava and the ever-popular roast pork baps.