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a small pork sausage


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Explore the Bavarian Food Court, which is open every day with a variety of delicious food from traditional German Bratwurst and hog roast, to freshly made crepes with plenty of toppings to choose from.
Student ID required; |Bavarian Tickets - PS17, including a guaranteed reserved seat to the event, one mass of Bavarian Fest-Beer (1.5 Pint) and a Jaegermeister shot ; The premium tickets with table service are: |Oktoberfest Package - PS41, including a guaranteed reserved seat and admission with two 1.5-pint servings of FestBeerand a German Bratwurst with potato salad.
Munich's English Garden covers 910 acres and is a beautiful wander - its endless paths are perfect for walking off the enormous bratwurst you've just eaten...
The best selling dog was The Original Frank - a Quorn bratwurst covered in ketchup, mustard, American cheese sauce and caramelised beer fried onions.
3/5Plain bratwurst, PS5 - A stripy sausage courtesy of an uneven grilling - charred in places, barely coloured in others.
For those who want to celebrate Oktoberfest in style, RWM's fine-dining restaurant Impressions has Recipes for Cheers, a platter loaded with 200 grams of authentic bratwurst, strips of grilled pork belly, biscuits, special pie and ice-cold beers for P1,400+.
2 BRATWURST Clare and I also went to the Edinburgh Christmas market.
When: Friday, October 13, to Saturday, October 14 Details: PATTI PAVILION, SWANSEA The Swansea venue will be serving Lowenbrau straight from the brewery in southern Germany, while street food vendor Bratwurst UK will be selling Bavarian bratwursts and sauerkraut.
After Jeremy Clarkson managed to offend the country with Nazi gags in a Top Gear item about the Germanmade Mini we can't imagine they'll be lining up the beer and bratwurst for him.
Grateful for having trained under one of the best in the field, Miguel continues to pay homage to his mentor by making the classics (Nurnberger, bockwurst, bratwurst, debriziner, kielbasa, cheese krainer, Italian), just as he was taught by Beck.
Over 400 guests enjoyed meeting friends and colleagues, while sampling popular Cleveland foods such as pierogies, walleye and bratwurst.
If you fancy broadening your beer horizons and sampling some cuisine from the land of the bratwurst, you can get started this weekend as Oktoberfest comes to Head of Steam, The Cluny and Tilley's Bar.