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Synonyms for bratty

(used of an ill-mannered child) impolitely unruly


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21 & OVER (15) A GROUP of bratty Americans get horribly drunk, ogle girls and get into trouble with the cops in a deeply derivative frat-boy flick that can barely be called a comedy.
There are shades of Ikara Colt while Rural Town makes like the Fall - a bratty kick of angry pop.
New song Nothing mixes a girl group-style spoken word with bratty punk distortion, while a well deserved encore takes in a gorgeous Endless Talk and a cover of Television's See No Evil.
The school is a mixed bag of students, from ambitious and bratty to shy but talented.
SHE'S got a reputation as Sir Bob's outspoken, outrageous and dare we say, slightly bratty girl.
ItAAEs both endearingly bratty and achingly heart-on-sleeve while expanding the bandAAEs churning garage rock sound to include some blissed-out jams and even a few songs that resemble ballads.
William, the indulged and rather bratty only boy, is at odds with almost everyone.
Avril does bratty bubblegum punk (like the cheesy but irresistible Skater Boi) better than a lot more 'credible' acts like Green Day, while songs like Complicated, Happy Ending and I'm With You also stood out.
Flash forward a decade or so, and Jane (Ruth Wilson) is hired as a governess for Edward Rochester's (Toby Stephens) precociously bratty ward Adele (Cosima Littlewood).
Run 4 Cover" rants and stomps like the bratty little stepsister of Missy Elliott's "Pass That Dutch.
According to Walker and his staff, if Bratty could talk, she would tell you she was the boss.
Lucy gains two bratty stepsisters and a stepmother she isn't wild about--plus a new school with romantic complications.
I really did find his bratty attitude frustrating, but am hoping that the moment during the show when he was told his life expectancy test had predicted that he should already be dead will have been enough of a shock to spur him into action.
Recast your formerly favored clients as a manipulative stage mother and her bratty kid, and call them every name in the book.
So the twins' bratty debut went unmentioned by the person best qualified to dissect it.