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  • verb

Synonyms for brattle

to make or cause to make a succession of short, sharp sounds

Synonyms for brattle

make a rattling sound

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InterAction will allow us to centralize the information we possess about clients, prospects, relationships and engagements and put more structure around our marketing processes," said The Brattle Group's President and CEO, W.
Oklahoma and New York City, Brattle enjoys an outstanding reputation as a service provider.
com)-- The Knowledge Group/The Knowledge Congress Live Webcast Series, the leading producer of regulatory focused webcasts, has announced today that Matthew Aharonian, Senior Associate, The Brattle Group, Inc.
According to a report prepared by the economics and financial consulting firm The Brattle Group, and submitted to the Site Evaluation Committee on behalf of the Counsel for the Public, Northern Pass is unlikely to have a meaningful impact on electric rates.
Market forces alone could drive the trend, which would barely nudge electricity prices, said the Brattle Group analysis commissioned by the Texas Clean Energy Coalition, which supports natural gas and renewable energy sources.
Global economic consulting firm The Brattle Group has named financial industry expert Christopher Laursen as a principal in the firm's Washington, DC office, the company said.
The Bastard Executioner tells the story of warrior knight Wilkin Brattle who is broken by the ravages of war fighting for his king.
Rare Book Talk Kenneth Gloss, proprietor of the Brattle Book Shop in Boston, will talk about and show some of his favorite finds and describe some of the joys of the "hunt,'' as well as explain what makes a book go up in value, 6 p.
Fire spokesman Jason Brattle said: "Firefighters dealt with the situation extremely well to knock down the fire and save so many animals.
The RFP process will be conducted by The Brattle Group and will take place in October and November, with qualifying applications due by October 16, 2014 and bids due by November 6, 2014.
While attending Harvard University in the 1940s, the actor led the charge to found the Brattle Theatre Company (with Albert Marre and others).
The Financial Structure of Private Equity Firms" (with Axelson and Stromberg) won the Journal of Finance Brattle Group Prize.
A report by The Brattle Group evaluates several challenges facing natural gas demand growth in the coming decade under potential future climate legislation and recommends that U.
Lucie Ray got through to four finals - triumphing in the 'teens and has-beens' with partner Jo Brattle and winning a tight-fought 90-plus match with Jo Smith.
Wind-generated electricity from the upper Midwest will become cost-competitive with power generated from more conventional fuel sources like coal, while providing substantial reductions in greenhouse gas emissions when connected to the nation's electricity grid via new extra-high voltage transmission lines, a new study by The Brattle Group has concluded.