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Synonyms for brat

a small pork sausage


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In an era when rock music is back, and not the introspective stylings of grunge or the brattishness of nu metal, The Black Velvets are just what we've been waiting for.
Fraudulent childhood "diseases" such as "Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder"--in plain English, "brattishness"--provide the ludicrous situation whereby the land of the free (more-over, a land whose government purported, when last heard from in domestic issues, to wage a "war on drugs") forces millions of school students to become Ritalin addicts, and their parents Ritalin peddlers, or alternatively to endure complete official ostracism.
As Amudha, young Keerthana shows considerable confidence without overstepping the line into annoying brattishness. Handful of songs by famed Chennai-based composer A.R.
The same Craig Bellamy who'd scored only nine goals for Newcastle that season (against Alan Shearer's 25) and was exhibiting the kind of gobby brattishness on and off the pitch, that made many want to take a golf club to his shins.
Ryan was supping at the Grammies with Elton John after his first album, but if ever a talent was sacrificed at the mercy of drugfuelled brattishness it was his.