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(used of an ill-mannered child) impolitely unruly


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It was completely brattish to fly off to America like she did.
The Times, for example, called Max's outbursts an appalling symbol of "contemporary brattish America.
There is a brattish, clever amorality about Google that allows it to censor the pages on its Chinese service without the slightest self doubt, store vast quantities of unnecessary information about every Google search, and menace the delicate instruments of democratic scrutiny.
Martin Ritt's No Down Payment (1957) contains an early scene where Pat Hingle's brattish sons ask him why he does not go to church on Sundays in a manner resembling the Hitler Youth and Parsons's children in George Orwell's 1984.
1600), is replicated with his round belly and his brattish grin in Amor Vincit Omnia (Berlin Gallery, c.
Dropping to the rescue after the children had broken their previous governess, the umbrella-toting Poppins cures the youngsters of their brattish manners, offers the Mrs.
Covering the same ground in her 1989 autobiography, Holding On to the Air, she had antagonized some reviewers for discussing Balanchine in a manner they had found arrogant, and even a bit brattish.
Hyde (also played by Malkovich) is blunt, rude, brattish and insinuating, cutting straight to the core of sexual impulses that Mary never dared realize she harbored.
The story centres on two friends who lead double lives in a bid to woo the feisty Gwendolyn Fairfax (Emily Barber) and the wide-eyed brattish Cecily Cardew (Imogen Doel), who between them almost steal the show.
The Brit band hung out with Biebs, 21 - who has a reputation for being just a tad brattish - backstage when they supported Ariana Grande in LA earlier this month.
It's either brattish teenage guys or people who are really quite unhappy.
The second series of the epic fantasy drama has the brattish Joffrey (Jack Gleeson) on the coveted Iron Thrones.
EVER watched The Apprentice and thought, what could possibly be more brattish and hopeless than this bunch?
Against the odds, Driss forges a tender bond across the class divide, helping Philippe to teach his brattish daughter Elisa (Alba Gaia Kraghede Bellugi) some manners and to re-connect with the outside world.
As a brattish, soft, flaky, perennially ungrateful member of Generation Y who is spoilt by the comforts of modern life, I simply whine about the likelihood of the cruel government forcing me to remain at the coal face until well into my seventies - by which time I will be totally incapacitated at best - at every opportunity.