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a partition (often temporary) of planks or cloth that is used to control ventilation in a mine

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supply with a brattice, to ventilate mines

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There is also a 9 m by 11 m elliptical shaft, some 156 m deep, equipped with a precast concrete brattice wall to provide upcast ventilation in the one portion of the shaft and a 12 t capacity conveyance located on rope guides in the other.
Fire-retardant materials have also been developed for other applications in mines such as ventilation ducting, brattice cloth (sheets used for ventilation control) and cables.
This work involves the removal of cementitious material along the main shaft, as well as installation of a metal brattice between the east and west halves of the shaft, repairing shaft steel, and installation of a new power cable, along with additional work, which is expected to improve the shaft's functionality and possibly improve its hoisting capacity.
Additionally, the mine trained its brattice men and masons post-accident on how to build all types of ventilation controls, including air locks, to manufacturer's spec.
The shroud consisted of brattice material and was mounted by large magnets for ease of installation and removal during testing.
In addition, the plan includes removal of unused utilities, construction of a water ring to prevent ice from forming in the winter, the installation of a metal brattice between the east and west half of the shaft providing a physical barrier between the two halves, repair shaft steel, and installation of a new power cable; all of which should improve the shaft's functionality and possibly its hoisting capacity.
Tenders are invited for Procurement Of Brattice Cloth.
Fly pads made with ABC's AirStop window-clear fabric or heavyweight VentaTex[R] brattice construction allow for safe travel in underground environments by supplying visibility for vehicle traffic in crosscut areas.
For instance, brattice curtain is little used by British Coal, which relies mainly on ducted fans to ventilate drivages.