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Synonyms for brat

Synonyms for brat

a small pork sausage


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By passing the bill, Brat said, "we retreat from the one budget victory the party has attained since taking power in the House after the 2010 election.
While clubs like BRAT may help discover our next generation of champions, their key achievement is helping promote a healthy lifestyle for all children and young people, something Team GB Partner Aldi is doing with its focus on providing fresh produce at value prices.
The Brat Attack thus highlights the intergenerational effects of residential schooling and the need to continue to fight against racist discrimination in Canada today.
Explicitly endorsing the Tenth Amendment, Brat said at a rally, "the Constitution has enumerated powers belonging to the federal government.
With nearly all precincts reporting, Brat had about 56 percent of the vote toCantor's 44 per cent.
The brat event, which was held this past Labor Day, was followed by a Clydesdale parade, which made visits to Prescott City Hall, a neighborhood convenience store and the town's GMC Chevrolet dealership.
To the historians of pop culture, the Brat Pack films were representative of "the socially apathetic, cynical, money-possessed and ideologically barren eighties generation".
Marriott International Inc (NYSE: MAR), a US-based company that owns and operates hotel properties, has announced hosting of an upcoming event with Leinenkugel Brothers and Brats at Chicago Marriott Downtown Magnificent Mile Hotel (the hotel) in Chicago, US.
The documentary, also called Don't You Forget About Me, is named after the Simple Minds song that features in Hughes's seminal 1985 Brat Pack film The Breakfast Club.
Camping in the Arizona desert on C4's nonsensical Brat Camp, Montana proved to be an impressive campaigner for gender equality.
describes his experiences as an Army brat and the father of brats.
A DEVOTED mum and dad have told how TV's Brat Camp saved the life of their druggie daughter.
Young people between 15 and 18 are being sought for the next series of Brat Camp, which will see them take part in a life-changing experience at a wilderness camp in America.
Pam Grier talks about being an army brat, so you see beyond "Coffy" and "Foxy Brown" and realize that Grier herself is basically a black middle-class subject.