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Synonyms for brassy

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Synonyms for brassy

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Synonyms for brassy

resembling the sound of a brass instrument


unrestrained by convention or propriety

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However, some of the dialogue sounds stilted, and Midler's portrayal of the brassy biological mom veers towards caricature.
Mary Mitchell Campbell's gorgeous, imaginative, scaled-down arrangements rescue some of Sondheim's best-known songs from the brassy, dated orchestrations that make the original cast album unlistenable today.
The narrator here is a brassy, sassy, likable, know-it-all kid who, in spite of her attitude, learns something new, and takes a stand.
It must have been tricky capturing the brassy and rich salsa sounds for piano solo.
The brassy loudmouth - played by Wendi Peters - and pal Yana (Jayne Tunnicliffe) dress up as angels to celebrate her impending nuptials to Les Battersby (Bruce Jones).
By the time The Executioner's Game reaches its upbeat, pensive conclusion in the Oval Office of the White House, the reader will have gone on a riveting literary run through the brassy underworlds of urban crime and covert government operations.
Today's rides are Mister Unfuwain, Calboni and Brassy Dominie, who contest the last three races on a card which finishes under lights at 7.15pm local time.
Whether vamping an unwary young baseball player in "Whatever Lola Wants" in Damn Yankees or romping in a movie star's bedroom in Sweet Charity's "If My Friends Could See Me Now," Verdon epitomized the sassy, brassy dance style that has been the beating pulse of Broadway musicals front the 1930s to the present day.
The map of those years follows the contours of half a dozen major works, from Bird in Space, 1989, the sizable homage in string to Brancusi's 1928 sculpture of the same title, to the tautened-chain installations that butt in on the architecture they cling to (e.g., Chained form on the diagonal, interrupted, 1990), to the 1991 "Corridor" works with their brassy primary colors enlivening passages of unpredictable and highly eccentric forms, and finally to Park, 1996, the fallen tree supporting exotic plant life, which may hark back to Larner's petri cultures.
Examination of failed laboratory specimens of brass plated steel cord embedded in rubber occasionally exhibited bare steel cord with a brassy or steely color and the rubber compound stripped from that cord exhibited a glossy multicolored film on the failed rubber surface.
This Chardonnay, tasted last November, is brassy gold in color and complex on the palate; the finish lingers.
Although she's played Maria von Trapp, Eva Peron, Ado Annie, Reno Sweeney and Edwin Drood, Ellie May Chipley, the wisecracking hoofer in Show Boat whose anthem is "Life Upon the Wicked Stage" remains her favorite role - O'Hara's Ellie incarnates the brassy, never-say-die mandate of American showbiz.
The 28 community stories demonstrate that Americans have saved more by reasonable and cooperative action than by brassy and divisive protests.