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an undergarment worn by women to support their breasts

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He held up one brassiere with the name "Sylvia" and her telephone number printed on it and admired aloud, "Very nice, I'd like to see the woman who wears this," he declared.
Some women under the influence of alcohol throw their brassieres at the artistes or get on stage and kiss them.
Our hope is that they will discover delicious offerings similar to what they might find throughout the French countryside or at the newest Parisian brassieres.'
By Seka brand was founded to provide women with high-quality, comfortable brassieres that are uniquely designed to 'FIT' women and naturally enhance their bust.
They gathered outside the Wales Millennium Centre to deliver the brassieres to Oxfam, to help the charity's ongoing fairtrade project in Africa.
Women have had a difficult time coping with their natural assets: corsets, liberty bodices, pre-war brassieres that could encase a Dreadnought, later told by Women's Lib to hang loose and now the alleged threat of "toxic" bras.
Stray ash could burn holes in the new-fangled brassieres.
She tells us that brassieres weren't invented until 1913 and became popularly accepted during the flapper craze.
West Vale-based Tradehouse has so far collected 15,000 brassieres from West Yorkshire.
However, there is another, more deserving, group of workers at the Goldman Sachs offices who won't be joining in the celebrations at the top wine bars, brassieres and steak houses - the dawn army of cleaners who clear up the mess the movers and shakers of the markets leave behind.
Brassieres? If you are a "puritanical" Wahhabi Muslim, these are vexing questions, and if you are a Saudi jurist, you will be expected to rule on them.
To show just how absurd the situation was, one of the new restrictions applied to brassieres. Yet there is no domestic manufacturer of this product.
The Commission probe covers nine categories of clothing: T-shirts, pullovers, blouses, stockings and socks, men's trousers, women's overcoats, brassieres, flax or ramie yarn and woven fabrics flax.
Included in its clothing purchases were thongs and brassieres. All were listed under the budget item "support for women." Subsequent media investigations discovered that one of the women's centers was carrying out clandestine abortions.