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an undergarment worn by women to support their breasts

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Her conclusion was that my imaginary concubine had done the washing and forgotten her brassiere in my house.
In 1926 Marks & Spencer launch their first brassiere (near right) to reflect this look, offering affordable versions that are available to all.
When the brassiere caught on in the North American market, after Warner Brothers Corset Company purchased Jacob's patent for a mere $1,500, it was in response to changes in women's fashion as well as pressure on women to conform to expectations regarding the ideal body size and shape.
Ever since the very first brassiere was created, one thing has stayed the same: the bra cups are identical and are always attached to the bra body.
Walter Dundervill, a downtown version of Gene Kelly if ever there was one, is clad in a red brassiere and nothing else.
The rest of the women are so poor that they steal one doll part at a time from the conveyor belt--a leg stuffed into a brassiere, an arm wedged under a waistband--hoping they'll eventually be transferred to the "Heads" department where the white women work so that they can complete their dolls.
The anonymous controller said the two knives were hidden behind a belt buckle and in a woman's brassiere. The simulated bomb bag, made to look like a computer bag, was passed by three X-ray controls.
For the rest of the year, this simply refers to somebody trying to undo a brassiere on the first date, but at Newmarket it takes on a different complexion.
They've put a brassiere on the camel, They claim she's more decent this way.
After all, what feminine article captures more aptly the double destiny of a woman's anatomy than a brassiere?
The brassiere itself costs about [yen] 6,000, or about [yen] 1,000 more than those for younger women.
flat-bottomed paper bags (middle school teachers and media specialists take heed...) the backless brassiere, and condoms.
She wants to know about the chemical composition of my brassiere, which I assure her contains nothing metallic.
The brassiere was to be the undergarment of the new century, though corsets had not really gone.
Abu Marzook's brassiere. The book contained the addresses and telephone numbers of numerous terrorists, including PLO leaders George Habash, Ahmed Jibril -- and Yasser Arafat, who was listed under his nom de guerre, "Abu-Omar."