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(formerly) a golfing wood with a face more elevated that a driver but less than a spoon

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A Brassie, for example, descended horizontally when dropped into a glass of water, No good; at least, not for that fussy spring-creek rainbow that sent me home humbled and frustrated.
Old Delmonte GC: Located a long brassie shot from Dennis the Menace Park near old-town Monterey, this 102-year-old layout is the oldest course west of the Mississippi.
Each club is given its traditional name, including a brassie (two wood), mashie cleek (driving iron) and niblick (nine iron).
Brassie Division -- T1, Jim Collins-Frank Santa Donato, Rich Van Nostrand-Ron Lukasevics, -2.
It was great to see Brassie (Brayson) put us in front and once he got one you could see it was a weight off his shoulders and he looked like scoring every time he got the ball in the final third.
Instead of a five iron, a nine iron, a two iron and a two wood, players will be using a mashie, a niblick, a cleek and a brassie - and the hire of such oldfashioned clubs plus a bite to eat is thrown in with the entry fee of pounds 25 a head.
12-18 Prince Nymph, Brassie, Copper John or Caddis Pupa.
The collection includes a Long Nose Putter (pounds 3,000-pounds 5,000) and a Long Nose Brassie Spoon (pictured), (pounds 4,000-pounds 7,500) made by Willie Park, Snr.
WHILE Selina Scott admitted she didn't know the difference between a brassie and niblick, she is clearly not the only one.
Clubs were not numbered then and you had to know all the clubs by name - Driver, Brassie, Spoon, Baffy, Cleek, Driving iron, Mid iron, Light iron, Mashie, Jigger, Niblick and a few more besides.
Ironically, as many as three-quarters of the people who've been picked by their company to plan the corporate golf outing are not golfers themselves, says Tom Floberg, pro at The Brassie in Chesterton.
Pheasant Tail #14-#16; Prince Nymph #12-#16; Gold-ribbed Hare's Ear #12-#16; Zug Bug #12-#16; Brassie #16-#18.
I experimented with nymph patterns for 30 minutes - a half an hour longer than I should have - catching zip on a small beadhead red brassie but picking up a nice golden on a beadhead zugbug.
Annie Brassie, Robert Brasillach ou encore un instant de bonheur (Paris: Editions Robert Laffont, 1987), 290.
They walked forward to the ball and Jessup selected a brassie, sure that he was going to miss because never in his life had he put together two consecutive good shots.