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(formerly) a golfing wood with a face more elevated that a driver but less than a spoon

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In fact, while a brassie is a wooden club with a metal plate at the base (usually a No.
Floberg says buffets also are popular at The Brassie, and they don't necessarily have to be elaborate, "Our biggest seller is bratwurst and burgers," he says.
Jim Dolan handed him a brassie, and Barnaby stepped up and swung.
Gray played up front alongside Brassie and did well.
Don't Slow Down--Tom Floberg, pro at The Brassie in Chesterton, sees plenty of people lose too much steam as they putt.
At the 17th, I hit a wonderful drive, followed it with a good brassie and a chip to within a few inches,' he recounted recently.
Think Wide--"For a longer drive," says Tom Floberg, golf pro at The Brassie in Chesterton, "widen your stance for better stability and more power.
will oversee management operations of the golf courses currently under contract by COPM and Brassie Golf Management Services, as well as Granite's existing portfolio.
He said: "When Brassie (Brayson) equalised there looked to be only one winner as we were playing well and created loads of chances in the second half.
Wildcat Creek in Kokomo, commencing its first full year as an 18-hole course, has had two architects, Jerry Mathews on the front and Jim Fazio (who designed the Legends of Indiana, Franklin, and the Brassie in Chesterton) on the newer back.
For the first quarter ended March 31, 1997, Brassie Golf Corporation ("Brassie" or "the Company") reported total operating revenues of $1,100,261 versus $1,175,792 reported for the year-ago quarter.
Bill Horne, President and CEO of Brassie Golf Corporation, said, "1996 was a challenging year for Brassie.
Swailes said: "Nicky has done very well playing in the hole behind Brassie (Brayson), but there are a number of great individuals and we are playing well as a team.
Petersburg, Florida and 435 Brassie Way in Mashpee, RICHARD McCORMICK, of 7 Gifford Place in South Boston, and THOMAS McCORMICK, also of 7 Gifford Place in South Boston.
Lance McNeill, Vice President of Brassie Golf Corporation, said, "Brassie and Divot have determined that the understanding reached and announced in January 1997 did not serve either entity's ongoing business requirements.