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any of various tropical American orchids with usually solitary fleshy leaves and showy white to green nocturnally fragrant blossoms solitary or in racemes of up to 7

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Porcentagem de germinacao igual ou superior a 50% daquela observada em frutos fisiologicamente maduros foi considerada satisfatoria por SOUSA (2013), para Brassavola tuberculata Hook.
Morfogenese in vitro do hibrido de orquidea Brassavola flagerallis x Catteya harrisoriana.
No fue Torella en 1497--afirmo Jeanselme (54)--, luego Juan Almenar en 1502 (54) y Brassavola en 1536 (2), quienes esbozaron el polimorfismo de las sifilides tres siglos antes que Alibert y demas franceses?
Es de destacar que la presencia de papilas se observo tanto en hojas conduplicadas como en hojas teretes, esto semejante a lo observado por Noguera-Savelli & Jauregui (2011) para Brassavola R.
Este patron tambien fue encontrado por Noguera-Savelli & Jauregui (2011) en Brassavola.
In this way, this survey assessed aspects of the floral biology, pollination systems, fruit set and seed germination in Brassavola cebolleta Rchb f.
We studied 32 individuals of Brassavola cebolleta, spread over two distinct populations that occur in a 10 m belt of riparian forest, about 3 km from each other, both on the same margin of the river, and the host trees were about 15 m far from each other.
Etimologia: El genero Brassavola recibe ese nombre en honor a Antonio Musa Brasavole, medico y hombre de la nobleza veneciana.
This habitat is typical for Brassavola, Cattleya and Laelia orchids (ZANEGA-GODOY; COSTA, 2003), including the hybrid and native plants investigated in the present study.
Hoehne [77] Bollea coelestis [116, 117] Brassavola acaulis Lindl.
obtained from a producer in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil, and seeds of a double hybrid from a cross of Brassavola, Cattleya and Laelia species ('BCL Pastoral Innocence'), obtained from a producer in the region of Mandaguacu, in the northwestern region of the State of Parana, Brazil, were germinated in vitro on Kundson-C medium (KNUDSON, 1946) containing 15% coconut water.
Comparative leaf anatomy and phylogenetic relationships of 11 species of Laeliinae with emphasis on Brassavola (Orchidaceae).
recurvata (Bromeliaceae); Brassavola nodosa (Orchidaceae); Rhipsalis baccifera, Selenicereus inermes (Cactaceae); Peperomia angustata (Piperaceae).
Effects of habitat, plant size, and floral display on male and female reproductive success of the neotropical orchid Brassavola nodosa.