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(30.) Felley CP, Corthesy-Theulaz I, Rivero JL, Sipponen P, Kaufmann M, Bauerfeind P, Wiesel PH, Brassart D, Pfeifer A, Blum AL and P Michetti Favourable effect of acidified milk (LC-1) on Helicobacter pylori gastritis in man.
Before Fred Gray left New York, he donned his military uniform and posed for a photograph in the office of Brassart, Johnson, and Williams, Photographers.
James Brassart of Bentonville owns 50 percent of the company.
The metal covering for the arm was often referred to as the brassart or brassard.
A suposicao de que a consciencia/conhecimento de "estruturas prototipicas" seja relevante no processo de producao de textos escritos esta longe de ser pacifica (Brassart, 1996; Fayol citado em Rego, 2005; Stein, 1988).
Camera (color), Celine Bozon; editor, Francois Quiquere; music, Medhi Zannad, Benjamin Esdraffo; lyrics, Bozon; production designer, Brigitte Brassart; costume designer, Renaud Legrand; sound (DTS Stereo), Laurent Gabiot.
Trevelyan and Scott Brassart (Alyson)--Spirits haunt boys and girls in this collection of spooky stories, many of which contain both chills and laughs.
Margate doubled their lead in the second half through Jean-Michel Sigere, and although Scarborough grabbed a lifeline in when substitute Gary Cohen scored with a header minutes after replacing Olivier Brassart, Margate restored their two-goal advantage with Leon Braithwaite's mis-hit right-foot shot.
Sillah,Ridler,Price; Gilroy,Stoker,Kerr,Pounder; T Taylor (Ormerod59),Fatokun (Brassart 90).
But Scarborough, who had Keith Scott sent off six minutes after the re-start, grabbed a point with a 71st minute equaliser from Frenchman Olivier Brassart.
In the 76th minute they went in front as substitute Bimbo Fatokun flicked on a corner from Oliver Brassart and David Holdsworth nodded in despite Craig Norman's attempt to clear.
But four minutes later Olivier Brassart knocked in a free-kick and when Neil Campbell turned the ball across goal, Keith Scott bundled in the equaliser.