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Both Brassart and Gabbard are listed as co-debtors on the Chambers Bank debt.
But four minutes later Olivier Brassart knocked in a free-kick and when Neil Campbell turned the ball across goal, Keith Scott bundled in the equaliser.
Contains works by Arcadelt, Bedyngham, Binchois, Brassart, Bull, Busnoys, Byrd, Cabezon, Cara, Casulana, Cavazzoni, Ciconia, Clemens non Papa, Compere, Copini, Cordier, Cornago, Cornysh, Da Milano, Dowland, Du Fay, Dunstable, Guglielmo Ebreo, Encina, Escobar, Finck, Frye, Gastoldi, Gero, Gervaise, Gesualdo, Chiselin, Hayne van Ghizeghem, Gombert, Grenon, Isaac, Janequin, Josquin, La Rue, Lassus, Le Jeune, Marenzio, Martini, Merulo, Julio Segni da Modena, Morales, Morley, Morton, Mundy, Narvaez, Ninot le Petit, Obrecht, Ockeghem, Palestrina, Passereau, Pellegrini, Power, Regis, Rore, Schlick, Senfi, Serafino dall'Aquila, Sermisy, Taverner, Tallis, Tye, Vecchi, Verdelot, Victoria, Johann Walter, and Weelkes.
Scarborough almost made a sensational start to the second half as Olivier Brassart hit a 35-yard rocket after just 20 seconds but Mark Westhead pulled off a good save.
Brassart capitalised on the failureof the home defence to clear afree kick by David Pounder and he beat Dickinson with a powerful low shot from just outside the penaltyarea.
Scarborough: Woods, Hotte, Shepherd, Dryden, Pounder, Stoker, Henry, Brassart, Ormerod, Campbell, K.
YEOVIL TOWN: Weale, Lockwood, Tomkin, Skiverton, Pluck, Brassart (Way 76), Kumbar (Thompson 46), Johnson, Grant (O'Brien 80), Critenden, McIndoe.
Scarborough went on the offensive at the start of the second half and a Richard Dryden header flew just over the crossbar, while Olivier Brassart hit the woodwork and shot over the crossbar and Jason Blunt was just wide from 20-yards.
But with Southport 20 minutes away from the three points, Brassart found the bottom corner of the net with a superb strike.
But with Olivier Brassart on in his place, it was still the hosts who carved out the first chance through the aerial prowess of centre-back David Holdsworth.
The visitors started brightly, but two long-range shots from Campbell and Olivier Brassart were all they had to show for their early endeavour.
Brassart went close for the visitors as Hereford's eagerness to restore parity left them exposed, and Scarborough breathed a sigh of relief when Sawyers and Ian Wright failed to hit the target.