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precisely meaningful and tersely cogent

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The Prince's biographer Jonathan Dimbleby described Charles like a 'dog with a bone' with ideas, while his senior aide Sir Michael Peat said the Prince liked to do things at a 'practical, brass-tacks level'.
To be sure, there were plenty of brass-tacks arguments for the three-way alliance--"concerns about managed care, large HMOs, and our inability to negotiate as a small medical center," he recites them.
We'll never know, since in both "Degas in Chicago" and "Degas in the Evening" we get big, juicy chunks of historical narrative: the pungently incriminating story of a dinner involving Degas, Kessler, and Vollard, and then the brass-tacks story of the sale of Degas's collection after his death.
Annan has some very brass-tacks reasons for wanting to install a superstar, not least of which is the need to sell the organization to begrudgers in the US.
With her brass-tacks banality and sunny-side-up outlook, she's more like TV's Marge Simpson with earflaps and a badge on.
There is one book, however, that you cannot afford to miss, since it promises to turn you into a top-notch manager: Jim Schell's Small-Business Management Guide: Advice From The Brass-Tacks Entrepreneur.
This article is excerpted from his book, The Brass-Tacks Entrepreneur, copyright [R] 1993 by Jim Schell, reprinted by arrangement with Henry Holt & Co.
The magazine is widely recognized by installers and integrators in the field for brass-tacks editorial content that helps them do business better.
Next time out, one hopes promising talent Breaux relies less on improv and more on brass-tacks screenplay structuring.