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precisely meaningful and tersely cogent

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The Prince's biographer Jonathan Dimbleby described Charles like a 'dog with a bone' with ideas, while his senior aide Sir Michael Peat said the Prince liked to do things at a 'practical, brass-tacks level'.
To be sure, there were plenty of brass-tacks arguments for the three-way alliance--"concerns about managed care, large HMOs, and our inability to negotiate as a small medical center," he recites them.
We'll never know, since in both "Degas in Chicago" and "Degas in the Evening" we get big, juicy chunks of historical narrative: the pungently incriminating story of a dinner involving Degas, Kessler, and Vollard, and then the brass-tacks story of the sale of Degas's collection after his death.
Annan has some very brass-tacks reasons for wanting to install a superstar, not least of which is the need to sell the organization to begrudgers in the US.
There is one book, however, that you cannot afford to miss, since it promises to turn you into a top-notch manager: Jim Schell's Small-Business Management Guide: Advice From The Brass-Tacks Entrepreneur.
This article is excerpted from his book, The Brass-Tacks Entrepreneur, copyright [R] 1993 by Jim Schell, reprinted by arrangement with Henry Holt & Co.
Furthermore, by peaceful nuclear explosion, a deterrent was established by India, which stopped the war during Brass-tacks crisis with Pakistan.
Next time out, one hopes promising talent Breaux relies less on improv and more on brass-tacks screenplay structuring.
But if her brass-tacks pep talk makes you bilious, consider this: That arts council director is keeping an impecunious ethnic dance company alive with space to practice and perform, helping visual artists find studios and get exhibitions, providing a place where unpublished young writers can meet regularly and discuss works in progress, maintaining several performance spaces where small local theater companies can produce their plays with the benefit of quality lighting and sound equipment.
The first known nuclear flash point between Pakistan and India reportedly took place in 1987, when India was conducting its brass-tacks military exercises.