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the section of a band or orchestra that plays brass instruments


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Slow, deep grooves with a heavy Indian influence were filled out majestically by the brass section while a fantastic collection of sitars and santoors took you to a beautiful place far, far away.
The evening ended with a splendid, energetic performance of Stravinsky's Firebird Suite which again showcased the excellent brass section of the orchestra.
But the brass section and horns were particularly outstanding.
JAN 27: Join the brass section of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra at Palace Theatre, Southend, for a mixture of musical games and activities and an interactive concert.
And live they are quite phenomenal, complete with a brass section and a face-painted dancer clad in a costume with scores of rubber hands, all bobbing and weaving as he gyrates about the motionless conductor, Grandmaster Gareth.
SCHOOL ACTIVITIES: Cross-country, girls varsity, Grades 10-12, co-captain, Grade 12; outdoor track, girls varsity, Grades 10-12, co-captain, Grade 12; indoor track, girls varsity, Grades 10 and 12; Drama Club/SPOTLIGHTS, Grades 9-12, leading role in Grade 10 fall play, treasurer, Grade 10, secretary, Grade 12; Marching Panther Band, full-time member, Grades 9-11, part-time, Grade 12, brass section leader, Grade 11, trumpet player; National Honor Society member, Grades 11 and 12, tutor through NHS; David Prouty Prowler newspaper, writer, Grade 10; volunteer at Forge Works Farm and Haston Free Public Library, Grades 10-12.
In celebration, 11 brass section musicians from the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, which is also turning 80 this year climbed to the top of the bridge's 134-metre high arch to perform for a select group of guests.
The Vandegrift High School drum line and brass section kicked off the ceremony with a performance and later was presented a donation from United Heritage Charity Foundation.
So Noel Gallagher returned to the Birmingham stage with his new post-Oasis solo project, which actually included a four-piece backing band, three-strong brass section and two choirs.
It also features some of The Specials' brass section and two bands fresh from their support slots on the band's 2011 tour.
Including a wonderful brass section to beef up a traditional acoustic core, Bellowhead features a stunning array of instruments; from fiddles and concertinas to frying pans, bouzoukis and banjos to flugelhorn and tuba and oboes to wind-up toys, not to mention fine vocals.
We had ten players from our brass section and they all had a flutter.
Conductor Maurizio Barbacini got the basics right; but the brass section strayed at times, and the powerful chorus hasn't yet attained good ensemble.
Indications of how their joyous pop sound could be expanded come with the introduction of a four-piece female brass section which gives their sound a real Motown feel.