brass ring

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Synonyms for brass ring

a person or thing worth catching

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a rich opportunity or a prize

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Team members from both Scene75 Dayton and Scene75 Cincinnati will be attending the IAAPA Brass Ring Award Ceremony on November 17th to represent Scene75 and hopefully bring back the title of the best entertainment center in North America.
Brown Panther 4/1; Bathyrhon 6/1; Ahzeemah 8/1; Almoonqith 8/1; Marzocco 8/1; Meandre 9/1; Dubday 10/1; Rio Tigre 12/1; Brass Ring 14/1; Havana Beat 16/1; Star Empire 16/1; Cooptado 25/1; Mushreq 25/1; Dormello 33/1; Vaasa 50/1.
More so than most self-help autobiographies, The Real Brass Ring is filled with similar opportunities for readers to direct their own paths towards transformation, and is thus highly recommended for spirituality and self-help collections alike
Ladbrokes: 6 Quick Jack, 10 Ray Ward, 12 Nearly Caught, Swnymor, Big Easy, 14 Brass Ring, Moidore, See And Be Seen, Suegioo, 20 bar.
A few highlights have included quintet concerts in Italy and at the Kennedy Center as a member of the Brass Ring, guest principal horn with the Bogota (Columbia) Philharmonic, teaching in Taiwan and in the American and British Virgin Islands, summer chamber music festivals, and opportunities to play with almost every applied faculty colleague at the University over the years.
10 Goodwood Sporting (50:25:10) 21-24 Estimate, 15-18 Brown Panther, 11-14 Cavalryman, 6-8 Angel Gabrial, Forgotten Voice, 5-7 Ahzeemah, 3-5 Brass Ring, Whiplash Willie, 2-4 Excellent Result, 1-3 Moment In Time.
NEWSBOY 1-2-3 1 TIGER CLIFF 2 BRASS RING 3 WHIPLASH WILLIE TIGER CLIFF has the right credentials to send punters home from Royal Ascot on a high.
Brass Ring can take the next step up the ladder in the Qatar Bloodstock Jockey Club Stakes.
Ten brass ring chandeliers, set at different heights and in irregular fashion, dominate the reception and bar area when you first enter the restaurant.
Spielberg points out the seemingly inevitable conservatism of the movie industry in the face of expanding content choices: "You're at the point right now where a studio would rather invest $250 million in one film for a real shot at the brass ring than make a whole bunch of really interesting, deeply personal - and even maybe historical - projects that may get lost in the shuffle.
Clooney will be honoured with the Brass Ring for his "unprecedented humanitarian undertakings" at the glittering Carousel of Hope gala in Beverly Hills next month.
uk, 0800 027 2387), 6 x brass ring pull drawer handles, pounds 1.
Graduation is the brass ring she hangs onto in order to get through each miserable day.
Well, shouldn't those employees who helped you grab that brass ring get a little share of this success?