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a metal stand that formerly held cannon balls on sailing ships

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The annual Brass Monkey Run from The Victoria pub in Coalville.
Before the birth of her family, Elswick's Judith Nutt was a regular Brass Monkey competitor and in 2006 posted her best-ever finish of third place in 78:56.
The Brass Monkey Club describe themselves as "bold as brass monkeys combatting unfair actions and corporate cruelty with humour and bits of rectangular metal and public furniture".
The Brass Monkey is available for the Durango Limited and focuses around 20-inch Burnished Bronze, monochromatic exterior with a gloss black grille and exterior badge.
Eleven New Markse Harriers took on the the Brass Monkey Half Marathon in York including, from left to right, Sharon Bulman, Paul Cleasby and Kath Aspin BEN MCNEILAGE
bobbyrob1974: I just saw a polar bear charge after a brass monkey in Princes Street Gardens
Brass Monkey, a developer of technology to transform iPhones or other smart devices into controllers for web-based single or multi-player games, reported on Thursday its acquisition of software developer Emotely.
In fact, amateur brass bands are as deeply rooted in the musical traditions of the British working class as the pub song and the fiddle tune, and for over twenty-live years Brass Monkey has been slowly, steadily bringing an awareness of this rich tradition back to the folk scene.
SAILING: Liverpool YC, racing at Pwllheli while the Mersey Marina is closed, completed their Brass Monkey series with two races in a fresh breeze.
The Arctic brass monkey weather is likely to be the worst this winter.
Arnold is one of those arrogant celebrities who thinks he can charm the you-know-what off of a brass monkey.
The joint in question is the Brass Monkey, a no-frills karaoke bar off Wilshire Boulevard.
Through our membership, we will bring Brass Monkey controller technology to content providers, game companies and digital agencies by offering immersive interactivity between smart phones, online games and digital marketing campaigns," said Jim Bull, CEO of Brass Monkey.
For those of you excited for the upcoming Super Bowl of American Football, there's no better place in Taipei to enjoy the conference championships than at the Brass Monkey in Xinyi.
As well as her victory last Sunday, she came out on top in the Brass Monkey Half-marathon (77:16) in York in January and squeezed in a run in Dewsbury over an 'extended' 10k course before coming out on top in the Snake Lane 10 (60:08) in Pocklington in late February.