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Schumacher questioned whether Peters truly was afraid for his life: "Brass knuckles against an AR-15, come on, who was afraid for their life?" Schumacher felt that the homeowner's son should be charged for his role in the shooting.
Brutal bare knuckle and brass knuckle boxing to bone-brunching fistfights with barb-wire and glass fuel this ultra-violent nightmare horror feature film from, LLC.
All miscreants carrying weapons, daggers and brass knuckles ran off the site, soon after, Aabpara police reached at spot however police refuse to arrest any of them at the spot.
Brass Eye satirist Chris Morris takes brass knuckles to a farcical comedy-ofterrors, dubious in everything except intent.
The odd thing about the listing is that it's on a page also offering brass knuckles, saps, prods and the like, sandwiched innocuously in between novelty cigarette lighters and bird calls.
She fashioned the ring, a glittery take on brass knuckles, after more than 100 women were sexually assaulted last summer during protests calling for former president Mohamed Morsi to step down.
As this photo slideshow illustrates, enterprising hobbyists spent the past year designing and printing various complex and potentially deadly objects, including plastic "brass knuckles," firearms and a key that can open handcuffs
Deputy Abolfazl Abutorabi said the bill enacted last week outlaws the manufacture in Iran of cutlasses, ratchet knives, brass knuckles, chain whips and similar weapons.
He also used a bull-shaped ring such as brass knuckles, and punched her in the head and chest, leaving nasty puncture marks.
Police said they found marijuana, two brass knuckles and 11 switch blades when they searched Osman's hotel room.
Brass knuckles associated with gang fights have also been confiscated.
He claimed two pistols, some knives, brass knuckles, several cell phones and a master key used for opening doors of vehicles were recovered from the detainees.
Bullying is so widespread in middle school that items like boxing gloves and brass knuckles are as important as traditional school supplies.
After a search the officer found marijuana and a set of brass knuckles. Joseph Carless, 35, of Six Nations, was charged with carrying a concealed weapon, unauthorized possession of a weapon and Schedule II possession of less than 30 grams of marijuana.
From the outside, it looks like the kind of windowless old factory where puppies go missing and children's bicycles are melted to make switchblades and brass knuckles. On the inside, it's spectacular.