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a wind instrument that consists of a brass tube (usually of variable length) that is blown by means of a cup-shaped or funnel-shaped mouthpiece

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Dick Hansen has laid healing hands on tubas too large to tote, tin-toned Civil War bugles -- pretty much all manner of brass instruments.
He achieve his goal by teaming up with brass-playing Warwick Music owner Steven and Chris Fower, a former consultant to the brass instrument industry and professional performer and educator for more than 20 years.
The musicians will also be going into schools to promote brass instruments and encourage the pupils to join the youth bands.
TWO noisy scrap dealers who irritated Solihull residents with piercing brass instruments and ear-splitting calls of "iron
If you're playing a brass instrument properly, and if you pace yourself, you can play for a long time without getting tired.
A flare-up can be triggered by the mechanical pressure of playing a wind or brass instrument.
This week the University of Oregon will welcome low brass instrument enthusiasts for the annual International Tuba Day concert.
Mr Rutter added: "We are always looking for new players, so if you can play a brass instrument, or a percussion instrument, or are even thinking about starting to play, then you are more than welcome to come along on a practice evening.
The UAW represents approximately 230 employees at Conn-Selmer's Eastlake, Ohio brass instrument facility.
In music, when a mute is inserted into the bell of a brass instrument, is the sound produced by the instrument louder or softer?
The money raised during these sessions is a substantial contribution to the annual running costs of our band and allows us to continue offering opportunities to members of the community to learn how to play a brass instrument.
Even the hurdy-gurdy was more common than any brass instrument.
When handed the brass instrument, Sara the Walrus grips it between her flippers and blasts out a note.
The musical performance came about thanks to a project organised by Ewan Easton, music instructor from the Halle Symphony Orchestra, in Manchester, which teaches offenders how to play a brass instrument, and to read and perform music.
Paul Archibald's Playing The Trumpet And Brass (1932799605) surveys all the basics; from how a brass instrument produces sounds to its use in various musical genres, and how young players can master first steps to move to more advanced playing.