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Critics assailed brass hats for their stupidity, callousness, and chateau generalship.
British Army brass hats have gone to war against hit movie GI Jane.
Brass hats are sure to be furious over the prospect of Britain's elite forces having to take reluctant recruits.
The reference to capitalism should not be taken to mean that the brass hats, jailers and apparatchiks who tried to usurp power were in any way defending socialism.
Reluctantly, I say give the brass hats their ultra-lethal boys' toys, and concentrate on winning the election for the good of British society.
MUCH to the chagrin of Ministry of Defence brass hats, who love a good war (or even a bad one), NATO chiefs have decreed hostilities will cease in Afghanistan at the end of 2014.
SO the brass hats in the armed forces disassociate themselves from right wing parties and the use of patriotic images for political gain.
If the brass hats want to play, let them raid London and harass the Home Counties.
Those at the bottom on the National Minimum Wage get pounds 12,000 a year - so Whitehall mandarins and MoD brass hats now on pounds 200,000 will still get megabucks.
If Mr Ainsworth really wants the sacrifice and commitment of our armed forces to be properly appreciated, the people he needs to lecture are his own brass hats,.
The rookie woman soldier at the centre of the bitches row is to take the brass hats to an industrial tribunal.
Bullying, right-wing, warmongering MoD brass hats get huge pensions, peerages, jobs with the Tories and lucrative jobs with defence contractors.
Just as the generals in the First World War refused to accept the mental breakdowns of men serving in the trenches, today's Whitehall brass hats bury their heads over the existence of post-traumatic stress disorder.
And if the Government doesn't know where to get the money from, it could find it by getting rid of the regiments of brass hats enjoying a life of luxury behind their desks in Whitehall.
He's cowed by retired generals and thuggish brass hats in the MoD into ever-increasing military spending.