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They told him how the brass hats had posed for pictures in the square, how the pipers had played, how the Belgians were honouring the Canadians, and then related all the rumours about the Kaiser and the German navy.
AT least Michael Howard, the Tory leader, is making the most of silly-season August by speaking out loud and clear on a range of issues while most other brass hats are swanning around on the beach.
What the neocons want Bush to learn is that it's up to him and his civilian aides, not the brass hats, to set the pace in the Middle East, particularly Iraq.
Despite the horrors and privations, trench life became a part of army mythology and was mocked with sardonic humour in popular songs that told of 'brass hats' drinking claret, the raining down of 'whizzbangs' (light shells that went 'whizz' then 'bang' as they exploded) and packing up your troubles in your old kit bag.
Political brass hats attending the recent Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Queensland, Australia, naturally assumed they were receiving the sharpest, tightest security possible.
Political brass hats attending a Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Queensland, Australia naturally assumed they were receiving the sharpest, tightest security possible.
After February 1946 the activity of the soldiers died down, largely because the "brass hats" realized that their forces were in no mood to fight and thus sped up demobilization.
Critics assailed brass hats for their stupidity, callousness, and chateau generalship.
British Army brass hats have gone to war against hit movie GI Jane.
Brass hats are sure to be furious over the prospect of Britain's elite forces having to take reluctant recruits.
The reference to capitalism should not be taken to mean that the brass hats, jailers and apparatchiks who tried to usurp power were in any way defending socialism.
Reluctantly, I say give the brass hats their ultra-lethal boys' toys, and concentrate on winning the election for the good of British society.
SOLDIERS PAY LIVES The brass hats' appetite for taxpayers' cash is insatiable, but they can't even spend the money we give them wisely.
SO the brass hats in the armed forces disassociate themselves from right wing parties and the use of patriotic images for political gain.
As a comparison, at the height of World War II when we had nearly 1,000,000 men and women in uniform, these legions of warriors were led by just 77 brass hats (a general to soldier ratio of 1:13,000).