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(music) the family of brass instruments

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Volume 1 begins with an overview of basic musical concepts such as rhythm, melody, harmony, and syncopation, the brass family of instruments from their use in ceremonial music and marches to toe-tapping jazz, and the string family, including a nod to the legacies of Antonio Stradivari and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
As a boy of nine he opted for one of the largest and most unwieldy instruments in the brass family, the euphonium.
THE Warwick & Leamington Festival has Tubalate, a brass ensemble featuring the lower voices of the brass family, who play tomorrow morning at St Mary's Church in Warwick.
Austin, TX, February 27, 2013 --( Atom Willis is excited to announce that the brand is doubling the amount of their donations to $100 per jacket sold on their website to The Brass Family Foundation for Multiple Sclerosis during the month of March in support of National Multiple Sclerosis Month.
EMBRACING DIVERSITY One of the acts performing at BRASS FAMILY TIME Enjoy a picnic in the park while listening to great sounds COOL DUDES The Dr Teeth Big Band bring their exciting mix
March 17-19: With four other symphony colleagues, I visit 13 elementary schools to show 1000+ students the brass family. In May, they will come to our theatre and hear the whole orchestra, and this is their chance to learn how the instruments work and what they sound like up close.
This esoteric member of the brass family was heard to telling effect, especially in softer passages during the slow movement.
A healthy dose of technical information will help when those sorts of questions arise; for example, the different names of brass family members, some design basics, valve care, instrument parts and accessories, and tuning considerations for each.