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South African herb with golden-yellow globose flower heads

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He's a bald-headed fat man and is dressed in a blue coat with brass buttons, a pink vest and drab breeches.
This inspector wore a blue uniform, with brass buttons, and he gave an atmosphere of authority to the scene, and, as it were, put the stamp of official approval upon the things which were done in Durham's.
without perfume), gold chain, blue coat of the shade called "king's blue," with brass buttons and a string of orders.
The tolling over, the head of the family thrust his hands into the great tail-pockets of his great blue coat with brass buttons, and without waiting for a further announcement strode downstairs alone, scowling over his shoulder at the four females.
We found a brass button in his stomach and a round ball, and lots of rubbage.
At that point, President Ramos arrived, cigar-in-hand, spit and polish, with brass buttons on his double-breasted suit.
If you didn't have the coins, you could play instead with "Flemings", brass buttons from Fleming's, the Scotland Road tailor.
com/story/meghan-markle-and-kate-middletons-christmas-day-outfits) Miu Miu coat that is embellished with a double row of brass buttons.
2 Use Of Hamilton Finish (Shiny) Buttons, In Lieu Of Matte Finish Brass Buttons.
last quarter 19th century, front and back with bold multicolored geometric designs, three brass buttons secure the flap, the roll-beaded drops are beaded over red trade cloth, red ochre pigment on the fringe, lg.
The RAF station commander told him to wear "full Number One dress, peaked cap, brass buttons, the lot" at all times to avoid being mistaken for a cadet.
The dress is inspired by fashion experiments with hardware (metal squares, discs, chains, brass buttons, clamps) and the decade's rising hemline.
Gone are the days of brightly polished brass buttons which can be hit by a sniper's rifle from 1,000 yards - now we live in a time when the enemy play by their rules.
Their headmaster, Mr David Southall, said: "All they saw was a waiter with brass buttons on his coat.
Also on display on garments were enamel brass buttons made by Rajasthani silversmiths.